Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bloomer Skirt Pattern Update

Here are some pics of one of the samples for the first draft of the pattern. So far it is about half written, and all the photos are done. I got some great feedback and decided to make the pattern sizing 6 months through size 8 instead of size 6. I am excited about the interest in the larger size!

Have I explained the reason behind the name? Ahnalin was born in China in the year of the Monkey. She LOVES the monkey bars at the park. She judges the worthiness of any park based on the presence or absence of monkey bars. Monkey bars are the reason for the bloomers, as she loves to hang upside down. So, she came up with the name of the
"Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt". It fits, don't you think?

Ahnalin insisted that there must be an upside down picture so you can see how the bloomers are attached. When we take the shots for the final pattern, we will take some pictures of her hanging from her beloved monkey bars.

I am running a little slower than I had hoped on getting the first draft finished. It will have to wait until next week to get done though. This afternoon, we are taking the girls over to my parents house in Nevada for a few days. Don has a gig in Monterey at the aquarium and they are putting us up in a hotel right on Cannery Row! That means that Mommy and Daddy are getting a little get-a-way!! WOOHOO!! This is very, very rare, and, my dears, I am going to walk on the beach with my Hot Rockin' Hubby!

We will be back in town late Friday night and then on Saturday night, July 4th, the Denny Russell Band will be playing at the Rockin' Rodeo in Sacramento. And then on Sunday, we will to up to Tahoe and walk around a bit before driving to my parent's house and picking up the girls again. So it will be a lot of driving, but it will also be a few days of real time with my hubby, grown up conversations, good music, ocean air and mountain air, hopefully some sleeping in, and maybe a Starbucks coffee.

When I get back, I will finish the pattern and contact people interested in testing. I will choose 1 person per size, so I can get feedback on all sizes.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments and great ideas! I am excited!!


Tabitha O. said...

Oh have fun on your mini vacation! And great pattern, coming along swimmingly!

Julia said...

I really do like that pattern. my almost 7 year old who wears almost an 8 most of the time would love those because she too is a monkey, when she's not a princess mermaid. I commented on your last post that I have sizes 2-10. I guess the oldest one is a little old for these, but not the others. I would love to be a pattern tester!

~Issy said...

Oh. My. I LOVE IT! And if i was your daughter, lol, i would have insisted too, that a photo be taken while i was doing a handstand!

The bloomer skirt is done in such fun fabric-you've done a really beautiful job on it!

refibered said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sounds busy and fun!

I was just noticing on your sidebar, the "I Heart Cherries" picture...is that dish Royal Copenhagen? Furnival? Something else similar?

We're collectors of Furnival, so it's always a pleasure to see it (and similar patterns) in use!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love , this skirt pattern. Thanks for sizing to an 8. I will purchase it ASAP!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

sweet pics!!

Jen said...

let me know if you need a tester :) Olivia loves to hang upside down on her rings and trapeze bar on her swing set

April said...

Hi! How are you - did you get my last e-mail?

kbell said...

OH, I would love to test this pattern.

I have friends with girls in 3 & 5, I believe. I can check. They love dresses, but also need to be reminded that they are wearing a dress/skirt. How perfect!

Anne said...

While this has been out for a while, I stumbled on it while looking for a good bloomer pattern. These are too adorable, and I want a bloomer skirt in grown-up size!