Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunger, The Hunger Games, And Ahnalin

Ahnalin loves to read.

She loves to go to the library.

Every Thursday, we go to the library
to check out books and read to dogs.
A wonderful, local organization trains support dogs
and brings the dogs to the library so the children
can read to them. 

Almost every time we visit the library,
there is at least one homeless person near the door.

We talk to them.

I don't always have money to share,
but we always talk to them. 

Today, before we left for the library,
Ahnalin asked if she could take an extra apple
and cheese stick.

I said yes, but asked why.

She said, "Mama, every time we go,
we always see hungry people asking for food.
We don't always have money to give them,
but I want to have some food to give."

I got a little teary,  but I agreed.

We didn't see anyone waiting outside the library 
as we went in.

But Ahnalin asked me to hold the food
while she read to the dogs,
because she wanted to make sure we had it 
on the way out. 

So while she read,
I smocked.
And the food was sitting on the table
next to me. 

A woman stood near the table.
She was talking to a young teen about "The Hunger Games"
movie and book series.

She turned to me and asked if I had seen the movie,
or read the books.

I said no, as they are really not my style.

She explained that she felt they were important
books for young adults and parents to read.
She felt that they were helpful
so that readers could think for themselves
how they would live in a "dystopian society".

She spoke of the need to have firm beliefs
in the event of famine and corrupt society.

She spoke of the absence of moral absolutes.

She told me that she is the mother of teenagers
and felt her children learned a great deal
about themselves from the books.


She then spied the apple and cheese stick.

She asked about them, as eating is not allowed
in the library.

I explained about Ahnalin
wanting to have them to give to a hungry person.
I told her that Ahnalin knew we often
give money to people in need,
but didn't always have it.
But she wanted to be prepared 
with food if we encountered someone today. 

She looked uncomfortable.

She told me that she felt it was not a good idea.

She told me that she made a point of never
carrying cash so that she could honestly
say she didn't have any if a homeless person
asked for money. 

Because then she wouldn't be lying. 

She didn't think I should allow Ahnalin to give
food (or money) to the people on the street.

She felt that "They were better served 
by agencies."

I was shocked!

I said that she was just telling
me of the important lessons of 
"The Hunger Games"
and this was an important lesson.

She said it was different. 


Ahnalin heard none of this, 
as she was happily reading to the dogs.
You see, this is personal to Ahnalin.

Even though she is very well fed and healthy now,
I know that her soul remembers hunger.

For months after we brought her home
from China, she would pry my mouth 
open and take food out of it to stuff
in her own mouth.

It didn't matter how much we fed her,
she could never seem to be full.

She was terrified of being hungry
and alone. 

Ahnalin has her R.A.D. moments,
but her heart hurts for those in need.

after she was finished reading to the dogs,
she came over and picked up the food,
along with her library books.

As we checked out the books,
she looked out the window
to see if there was anyone outside waiting. 

There was no one waiting today.

Once we got into the van,
she told me that she was sad because she 
wanted to give the food to a hungry person.

As we rounded the corner, 
she spied a young woman with a sign.


Ahnalin yelled

We had never seen this particular girl before,
but she was hungry. 

Ahnalin rolled down the window 
and handed her the food.

The girl smiled and said
"God Bless You Little One."

Ahnalin said "God bless you too."

As we drove away, 
Ahnalin said 
"Feeding hungry people makes my heart happy!"

Then she said,
"Mama, are you crying AGAIN?" 

I said "Yes, but it is happy crying."

I am grateful that my little one is listening 
to what Jesus tells us to do.
I am grateful that she gives out of her heart
instead of holding back in fear.

I still haven't read
"The Hunger Games".

I may or may not. 
(I prefer my Jane Austen,
Anne of Green Gables, and other
girly goodies.)

But I hope my children are learning
the important lessons of how to treat others.

Matthew 25:35, 40
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in....... 
..............The King will reply,
"I tell you the truth, whatever you did
for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine,
you did for me."

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Rosy Easter Dress For Naya

 I just love this little dress!

And it will soon be worn by a lovely little lady
named Naya.

Her mama pinned the Darla rose 
fabric by Tanya Whelan to her Pinterest 
board and asked if I could make her daughter 
a dress with it.

I found about 2/3 of a yard in my stash!

Oh my was I thrilled!

I haven't seen this fabric available 
for purchase for quite some time.

And I had about the same amount of 
the green dot print too!

Thankfully, the lovely lady 
only wears a size 2.

So I was able to create 
this confection just for her!

I wish I had another bolt
of each of these beautiful fabrics.

But I am so happy that 
this little frock is on
its way across the country 
to its darling girl.

More Easter dresses to come!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


And she REALLY loves Dr. Seuss books!

So she wanted to have a special outfit
to wear on his birthday.

Isn't the fabric darling?

I ordered it from
last year and I just love it.

I used McCalls M6132 for the top.

McCalls 6312

While I will probably use this pattern again,
I have to say that it runs HUGE!

I mean

Also, there are some steps in the directions
that are just really dumb.
It has the sewist leaving a lot of exposed
seams and raw edges.
And that never works for my 
sensory-disordered kid,
or for perfectionist me.

So, I rebuilt the bodice to enclose
the waist seam in the bodice lining.

I also added the contrast
band on the skirt so I could highlight another 
fun fabric.

The photo is blurry,
but it shows the buttons
on the cute back of the bodice.

Instead of the full capri
pants shown on the pattern,
Ahnalin requested leggings
made from ruffle fabric.

I purchased the ruffle fabric last year 
and followed the tutorial

Ahnalin loves these leggings 
because I made them super skinny.

They are even but she was tired
of me fussing over her.
So I just took the picture!

The shoes!
I found them last week at Target!

Yes, she was spinning in the library!

We visit every Thursday so she can read
to the dogs.

She loves cuddling Brittney the dog.
Brittney is one of the dogs
in training for the PALS program,

And the earrings?

Grandma Barbara Jean brought them 
to Ahnalin when she came to visit.
They are clip-on earrings,
but oh so "Seussical!"

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Thank you for writing such 
wonderful books.

Happy Sewing!