Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfectly Piggy for Madison


We love Olivia the Pig!

And I just finished this little dream dress for

She requested a red dress with a smocked
Olivia the Pig on it. 

Well, there is no smock plate for Olivia.

So I smocked it free hand. 

She also requested that Olivia be wearing 
her red formal gown, 
have a pearl necklace and red bows on her ears.

She wanted her name on the front too.

The dress had to be red with red and white
polka dotted piping, a full twirly skirt
and a big bow in the back.

The smocking kept washing out with the flash
and the fabric is really a darker red.
Oh, and what pattern did I use to sew the dress?

I didn't use one.
I knew I wanted the smocking to be curved to the waist
and I just drafted a pattern based on Madison's 

Oh...can you just see the buttons on the cuffs?

Why yes, those would be Swarovski crystal buttons.

The red crystals on the smocking are as well.

And tulle is sewn to the underskirt to pouf it out!

It looks all crooked but it is actually straight. 

I promise!

Here is the dress I created for Madison last year.
She requested Tinkerbell!

And this was the dress I made her in 2008
when she requested pink with princesses.

Happy Birthday Madison!
I hope your day is as lovely and wonderful as you are.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today I Am Thankful- And Giveaway Winner!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I am thankful for:

My family

My Freedom

My friends

My husband's job

The men and woman who
protect and serve our country

Food on the table

My new home (!!!!!!!!)

Cars that work

No hospital visits this month!!

My sewing machine

My computer (Yep!)

Wool socks!

The Ocean

Finding my Christmas china (YAY!!!)

Children that l love (even when they are having a major fit!)

And most of all for my Jesus who
loves me unconditionally,
even when I feel like I 
am being a bad mama.  
(Yes, this is tied to the child having a big fit today)

And without further ado.........

The winner of the Yaya's Christmas Apron is...
Holly M!!

(AKA dhm78)
who said:
I don't know how to twitter, Sivje I can bearly facebook!

Congrats Holly!!!
Please email me your mailing address and what size 
apron you want!!!

Thank you all for entering!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

(oh and I should have also said that I am thankful for my
exclamation point!!!!!!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Night In Our New House

Impressive, isn't it!
Ok, not really, but this was our little family Saturday evening
in our new house in Santa Rosa.
We had planned on loading a moving truck
on Saturday morning and driving over
and then unloading.

But a REALLY BIG STORM hit Grass Valley.
So we decided that it would be too much of a mess
to pack the truck in the snow.
So we just took sleeping bags and blow up
mattresses and camped out.

I am not sure what that white spot on the wall is,
but my camera got wet so maybe that
was on the lens.

So, what you see here is the living/ dining room.
The white thing on the side is the banister.

Yes, there is a super cute little orange velvet chair sitting there.
Stay tuned to that because I am 
going to slipcover that soon.
I got it for $14.99 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store 
a few weeks ago. 
I drove around with it in the back of my van for weeks 
until I could unload it at our new house.

Don and the kids are cuddled up watching
"Pete's Dragon", which the girls
ended up hating. Hm. I always liked
that one, but this was the first time they saw it.

Yes, that is my smocking board in the background. 
In the next few days I will be posting pics
of the "Olivia the Pig" smocked dress I am 
making for a client. 
I sat on the floor of our new house smocking.

What? We all look like drowned rats, you say?

Why yes we do!

Between the snow and pouring rain that day we were 
just glad to be inside in our cozy but empty new home.

My friend Sheri brought us a yummy hot meal
to celebrate our first night in our new home.

It was so good and we were so grateful!

See my new kitchen?
It is not huge and amazing
like my inlaws kitchen, 
but I nearly cried as I unpacked.
It is perfect for the 4 of us!

And since we do not have our beds delivered yet,
Ahnalin asked if she could set up her 
ladybug tent in her room and sleep in that.

Well, why not? 
She had a blast!

So, tomorrow, we pack phase one of the moving van.
We are back and forth all week between Santa Rosa and
Grass Valley.

The final phase of the move will not happen until the middle 
of December because the girls are still in school until then.

I am still busy sewing amidst the packing and moving.

If you have not entered the Yaya's Apron Giveaway yet,
you can do that here.

I will announce the winner Thanksgiving morning!

We appreciate any and all prayers regarding our move
and job stuff. 

Happy Sewing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Aprons for Christmas -A Giveaway!

Christmas Aprons!

Preparation for the holidays means lots
and lots of time spent in the kitchen.

And so you simply MUST have a darling, 
festive apron!

And, it would be even more fun if your 
little ones have matching aprons!

The Yaya's Apron pattern provides
5 sizes in one Ebook.

Because, little ones get messy!

And don't you think their dollies need aprons to match?
The dolly size fits an 18" doll.

You can even wear an apron over your pajamas
and feel well put together!
(yes, you are seeing Ahnalin in PJs from Target! 
Sigh.... I am busy with customs and packing to move so 
I had to buy her some pjs......)

Last year I  made matching aprons 
for India, Ahnalin, and my niece Emma
for our cookie baking day. 
It was snowing outside and I could not get the girls
out of their jammies,
so they just put the aprons over the top and started baking.

I even embroidered their names on them!
The Yaya's Apron front has a nice open space
for embroidery. 

So, why am I reminding you of 
all the fun things about my Yaya's Apron pattern?


I don't want you to forget that you can make your own
Yaya's Aprons for yourself,
your friends, 
your family,
or even to sell.

You can purchase the Ebook
or by clicking on the box at the upper right of my blog.
The Ebook is $9.95 and 
provides a misses (one size fits most) size,
3 children's sizes and a dolly size!

And now for the Giveaway......

How do you get to receive a colorful, 
festive and fun Yaya's Apron 
in the size of your choice from me?

You can have 5 entries, 
so leave a comment for each separately.
1. Leave a comment about your favorite apron memory.
2. Become a follower or tell me if you are one.
3. Become a friend of Sivjegoose on Facebook.
4. Follow me on Twitter and post this giveaway.
5. Post about this giveaway on your blog or on your Facebook page.

The winner will receive a Christmas Yaya's Apron in the size of their choice,
made by me!

I am busy packing for our move, 
and sewing a custom smocked dress for a client so I am going
to give you until Wednesday night to enter.
I will draw the winner and on Thanksgiving morning!!

And next week, I will list some aprons on my Etsy store
if you just want to purchase a Christmas Yaya's Apron.

Happy Sewing Everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Do you see that little face? 

This little tiny India was just 3 years old on her 
first trip to Disneyland in 1995.

India fell in love with Disneyland,
and everything about it on that trip.

She used to say 
"When I grow up, I want to LIVE in Disneyland."


She gets to do just that!!

Well, maybe not exactly LIVE there,


in January, she will be starting at the Disney College Program

in Anaheim!!

She got the call last week and sent her acceptance

just a few hours later!

So, what will India be doing at the Disney College Program?

Well, her actual job at Disneyland during the program will be

"Attraction Hostess". 

Translation: She will most likely be making sure that 
guests are tall enough for the ride, 
making sure they are buckled safely and following instructions,
and maybe even pushing the buttons to start the fun!!

In addition, she will be taking classes for credit and
taking part in seminars facilitated
by various vice presidents of the Disney companies.

She will live in dorms there with other DCPers, 
and having the time of her life!

We are so proud of our girl for getting into this 
fabulous program!!

Now.....back to my packing......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hearts For Hannah

Oh how I love to be a part
of the miracle that takes place when a child
joins a family through adoption.

And I was blessed to pray for a little girl in China named
Hannah, who will be 
joining her loving family very soon.

You can read all about here on her mother, 

One of the most special times in any Internationally Adoptive 
Family's journey is that moment when they
arrive in the airport with their
new child.

They are joyously greeted by awaiting family members
and friends.

In many cases, the child becomes an American 
citizen when they go through Immigration in the airport.

And so it is a beautiful tradition for the newly adopted child
to be dressed in patriotic clothing.

Hannah's mommy asked that I make her 
a smocked dress that would celebrate this exciting day!

I chose the smock plate by Creative Keepsakes
called "Love My Country".
The smock plate is actually designed for 
an insert or yoke dress but I was able
to adapt it for a bishop style quite easily. 

I simply back smocked in a wave pattern
instead of the normal cable that would have been used for an insert.

I also had to pay special attention to the sleeve seams
which were a bit bulkier than the rest.
I chose Imperial Broadcloth
because I love how beautifully it holds its shape
and looks crisp even when it has been smashed in a suitcase.

I ordered all my supplies from 
a wonderful shop called
and was so pleased with how perfectly 
everything arrived. 

Oh, and one more note.

Every time I sew something for a client,
friend or family member,
I pray for them as I stitch. 

So it is an even bigger blessing for me!

Hannah, I can not wait to see pictures of you in your mommy's arms!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood And Other Halloweeny Things

Ahnalin loves Little Red Riding Hood.

Well, to be more specific,
she loves the character of Little Red
from the Stephen Sondheim Broadway Musical
"Into The Woods".

So, she chose to dress up as Little Red
for Halloween.

Now, I must admit to having big plans
for a darling Bavarian style dress
and blouse to be worn under
the "Riding Hood". 


But, if you look closely,
you will see the blouse and bloomer skirt I made
her last December...

 and the apron I made for her 
Alice in Wonderland costume for last halloween.

The "Red Riding Hood" is the only new item
that I made for her this Halloween.

And true to my usual self, I made
it so that she could wear it as an actual garment.

I used McCalls M4567 and 
sewed it out of red fleece 
and then lined it in red/white gingham.
And I used the vintage Norwegian embroidered
ribbon again, matching the blouse from last year.
While I was trying to get a photo of Ahnalin 
pretending to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,
she was skipping up and down the steps.....


"Into the woods

and out of the woods

and home before dark!"

And for my mom.....
a few more pictures of us at the Fall Family Festival
Twin Cities.

Sorry this is blurry. 
I asked another mom to take this pic of Ahnalin and me
on the hayride at the FFF.

India decided to wear her
from the Madrigal Dinner last year.

Ahnalin got to pet a miniature horse.

And she got to ride a big horse!

And she got to hug her cousin Anna, 
who was also dressed as Little Red Riding Hood!

We got to hear Daddy (AKA Don, AKA the Hot Rockin Hubby)
sing with the Denny Russell Band one more time.

And we saw the cutest little tiny cowpoke
dancing to the country music.

Oh, and do you remember that little pumpkin
with no stem?

Well Daddy helped Ahnalin to carve it on Saturday night.

And after the pumpkin carving, we all snuggled
in to watch 
"It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

So, Halloween was fun!

I am sorry I have been so remiss in posting.

We are trying to deal with all the details
of moving.
We are hoping we have found the right house
and that we will get to move soon. 
We are so grateful for your prayers.
Please keep them coming!

So, other than a few customs,
not much sewing has taken place lately.

I hope to remedy that soon!

On Thursday,
I will show a darling custom smocked dress
I have been working on for a client.

Happy Sewing and Happy Fall.