Friday, December 11, 2009

A Little Sewing and a Friday Mommy Brag!!

Happy Friday!!
I am back to sewing, after my 4 day, much needed break.
Whew! But I am behind and must catch up.

This little ornament is a gift for a friend. I made it from a scrap of the red velveteen
from India's Queen Katharine dress. I like it so much I may make more!
It will be winging it's way, along with a Yaya's Apron to a friend in the South.

I love it because it reminds me that Jesus is the reason we celebrate this beautiful season.

A singular vintage ball button

Some antique cotton trim, most likely from Norway.

A darling patch pocket with a scrap of rickrack.
Long sleeves requested by a small girl.

4 different Christmas fabrics and even more rickrack.

Oh, and is that a Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt?

Yes! It is another Christmas Outfit for the lovely Ahnalin!

What is that she is holding????
Could it be???

YES!!! Ahnalin is the Kindergarten Citizen of the Month!!
Congrats to the most precious girl in the whole world!

To those of you who understand the struggles of raising a  child with attachment disorder, SPD and PTSD,  you know what a miracle this is! We are so proud of our girl's hard work.

Mama loves you Ahnalin!

 And on another note, remember, you can make your own bloomer skirt just like Ahnalin's!
You can purchase the pattern by clicking on my Etsy button or by ordering it directly by using the button on the top right hand side of the blog.
OR, you can order it at You Can Make This. com.
If you order it from my Etsy or directly from the blog, I will send it to you directly within 24 hours. It is a PDF Ebook and I provide great customer service!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


julia said...

Of course you are a proud momma!!! What a great accomplishment. She looks adorable in her Christmas outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Came over from "Praise and Coffee" to congratulate you on winning Sue's giveaway!
Your sewing is wonderful and your daughter looks so sweet :)
Praying you have a Merry Christmas and know Jesus loves you so much!

~Regina~ said...

I do love that ornament! The Christmas outfit for your daughter is adorable and I love all those details with the vintage trims! :)

April said...

I love it all, Sivje!!! So, so, so darling!

julia said...

I hope you and your family has the best of all Christmases!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww she's looks adorable and you must be SO Proud !