Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bloomer Skirt Pattern ON SALE NOW!

The day has finally arrived! Hallelujah!
Yes, the Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt is now, officially available!!!

The pattern includes sizes 6 months through girls size 8.

The pattern will arrive to you as an E-Book, straight to your email in-box. I do not yet have my own webstore set up, so for the time being, you have three options for purchase.

I have added a "Buy it now" button under the Bloomer Skirt picture at the top right hand side of this blog. That will take you directly to Paypal. I will email you the PDF of the E-Book within 24 hours of receipt.

OR You can email me directly at orders @

You will need to copy that email address and remove the spaces. Then you can paste that address directly into a new email. Sadly, I can not yet make the email "clickable" as it will just take you to my not-yet-functional website.

You can also order the E-book by clicking on the Etsy button at the top right hand side of this blog.

My Etsy address is
This E-Book is 33 pages of step-by-step instructions, illustrated with photos to help you through each step.
And my email address is included in the pattern as well, so you can just email me with questions, OR to send me pictures of your Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt creations. I will be uploading pictures of your bloomer skirt creations to my Flickr album, so you can always click on that to see pretties.

The Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt pattern is $9.95 and since I will email it to you, there is no shipping charge! How is that for a bargain? Neato!

I will be sending you the E-book within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Since this is a pattern, I am not offering refunds for this item. However, I am available by email to help you make this skirt successfully.

I am working on more places to sell this pattern AND I am working on more designs.

I CAN"T WAIT to see what you make with the Bloomer Skirt pattern!


pwnmom said...

I'm curious... what sizes come with this pattern?

Goosegirl said...

Whoops! I will edit that. The pattern comes in sizes 6 months through size 8.

MamaOfTwo said...

Congrats, Sivje! You're on your way! I'm excited for you!!!!

Cindy said...

Congrats on the new pattern Sivje!!! I know how much work is involved in it. You should be proud!!! I hope mine isn't too far behind yours. Hugs!

seamsgreat said...

Yeah! ''''''(virtual confetti) Congatulations! ~janet

Christian Crowe said...

Very cool Siv! I am very proud of you and excited to see what comes of this new venture. The sewing world will definitely benefit from your talent.