Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day- Kindergarten and Senior Year

Today was India's LAST first day of school. Yes, she will go to college, but this is the last day of school where she HAS to go.
India sings in the Chamber Choir, which is the highest level of choir at her school. The privileged singers in this esteemed group attend "Zero Period", meaning they start choir at 6:30 AM! Um. Not me. So, me being the AWESOME MOM that I am (are you laughing yet?) did not even get up to take my darling Senior's picture on her first day of school. Yeah. I slept through it. That took some doing too, since Ahnalin was jumping on my head with excitement and terror at the thought of her first day!

But this was her first day of school outfit. I took the pic AFTER school. Well, actually, when she got home from school, she passed out on her bed from the heat and exhaustion.

So this was the sight I was treated too when I peaked into her room.

And I will point out one more thing. Our India is beautiful, adorable, talented, smart, funny, and wonderful in EVERY WAY. Got it? Good!

However, she is "gravitationally challenged"! Still, she is the forever optimist. This year, we seriously thought of taking bets on her ability to stay vertical all day long. You see, my darling girl insists on wearing high heels on the first day of school. Every year! And she matriculates at a school built into a steep hillside.
Translation: She falls down the stairs every first day of school! Granted, today, she did not completely hit the pavement. She said she simply "tripped on her own feet". Ok. That is real progress for India. Now, she is taking dance this year, so I am sure she will be as graceful as a swan come graduation.

Mama loves you Dida! Soon my first baby birdy will leave the nest. I am praying this year is your best school year ever!

Today was also Ahnalin's first day of Kindergarten. Well kind of. Today was the parent orientation for Kingergarten. So we went to meet her teachers. As we walked into the class, we realized that we knew almost all of the children already, either from preschool, church, or MOPS. Ahnalin was relieved.

She immediately set to work decorating her Birthday Crown, giving it just the perfect amount of glitter.

Notice that I have more pictures of Ahnalin than I do of India. That is because India thinks I already take too many pictures of her! Imagine! Ahnalin will still let me take pictures, so, there it is. Sigh.

Happy First Days of school, my darling girls. Yes, I got all teary eyed. My babies are growing up.
Now.....for a cup of good strong coffee!


Clair said...

The first days of school always are filled with mixed feelings.

Amy said...

Such irony - one is ending their school years and one is just beginning! Are you sure you're ready for this? LOL