Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bloomer Skirt Tester skirts!

While I am still busy sewing and finishing up revisions on the Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt pattern, I thought I would show off a few of the bloomer skirts my testers made! I think they did a fabulous job and I love every one of them. I have a few more tester skirts that I don't have photos of yet, but will post when I receive them.

Dawn of Olabelhe made this Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt out of monkey fabric! Perfect!

JenRaff is a fellow China mama who owns Fly Away Home Clothing made this darling version with ladybug fabric, which is her trademark. Olivia, thank you for modeling how great this skirt works while hanging upside down!

Desiree' made this dainty version out of lavender gingham. So feminine and pretty.

Jen from Sewing Mamas sewed up this adorable Halloween version for her tiny niece. This is a 6 months size.

Michelle also chose Halloween fabrics for her funky and fun bloomer skirt. I LOVE the fabric combo.

I happen to think I had an amazingly creative bunch of sewers! Thank you ladies!

This week, I am busy finishing multiple sewing projects in addition to the pattern revisions. And then I report for jury duty on Thursday, so I am trying to get it all done before then. Please bear with me. I will hopefully have the pattern available for sale this week.



The Momtastic Stitcher said...

Those are all very very cute!

Amy said...

Everything looks so great!
I love the different 'looks'!

pwnmom said...

Oh! I LOVE this skirt!! I want a pattern for it... I would love to make some for my 2 yo dd!!

pfarmwife said...

Cute skirt! I saw Dawn's version on her blog earlier. How funny that we have the same background...I heart cherries, too! Great minds think alike...