Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Vacation Sewing

Ahnalin is now on Summer Vacation.

I realized that I had not made this poor child
a new summer outfit since....



Poor thing!

So we went stash diving and found some 
fabric combos that looked
just a little more "tween".

Ahnalin picked this orange denim
for a skort.

She is really starting to prefer a more
tailored look and requested 
a straighter style.
She still wants shorts instead of just 
skirts because she is quite the rough and tumble girl.

This was my first version of this skort.

The front wraps to the side 
and the back is a fuller short.

This is the rear view of the outfit.

I used an old top pattern 
that I had used for India when she was little. 

Ahnalin pulled this flip flop fabric out of the
stash and felt it was the perfect combination.

She even found flip flop buttons
in the button jar!

Perfect outfit for a smoothie, 
as she is demonstrating.

Sorry for the indoor photo.

I actually took this in the morning
before school that last week.

She was a bit nervous to wear this to school
as she felt the open back was a bit 

So she put a tank top underneath just for during school.

Then she pulled out this embroidered denim
and found this dragon fly applique and 
requested another skort in the 
"same style, but smaller please, Mom".

This time, I cut the short down by a few inches
so the fit was slimmer. 

The top was just a 3/8 yard remnant
of pink ponte knit I had probably 
had in my stash for 15 years. 

She just wanted a simple tank top.

She didn't want to wait for me to 
embellish it
because she likes it 
"tailored, mom, like a uniform".

Really? Are frills gone?

Maybe I can still sew ruffles on dresses for her...

She wore it the last day of school.

The sun was really bright as we were walking
so she is making a squint face.

But she has worn these two outfits
nearly every day since I made them.

I think I need to make her more.

And this........

Well, This is the swimsuit
I made her a few years ago.

At least 3 or 4 years ago....

when my sewing machine was in the shop....

and I sewed it completely on Ahnalin's
Hello Kitty Janome.

It is her favorite swimsuit.

And it was way too short in the crotch.

So, she asked me to cut it in half
and make a tankini for her.

Yes, I have a serger,
but we don't get along.
(I am praying for a Baby Lock!!)

So I quickly grabbed some Fold-Over Elastic,
FOE, and stitched it on the cut edges.

New Bottom.

Top almost done.


"New" tankini!

And we are off to the splash pad now!

Happy Sewing!


(Pst....I still need to post photos of Ahnalin
in her Pioneer School Costume. Ey Yi Yi!)