Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sisters, Cookies, And the E.R.

We baked cookies today.

And yes, we had more rainy snow.

You see, I am kind of at a temporary standstill with the
Yaya's Apron pattern since my photographer is out of town
and so is my husband. 

So I could not get the photos back from Heather before she left.

And Don, who is my computer genius, is gone until tomorrow night.

So, we baked cookies.

And ate dough. 

And did a lot of laughing.

Yes, some of that cookie dough did get baked.

And two sisters had fun.

And then, whenever sugar is consumed,
craziness ensues.

So, here we are at the Emergency Room.

Ahnalin decided to use a chair and the edge of the counter
like parallel bars.

Not wise.

Not sure if you can see it, but she has a huge knot on her forehead.

She fell and slammed her head into the wood floor so hard it creased,

her head, not the floor.

The ER doc, who knows us by name, said that
the lump would start to drain into her face.

So she will have black eyes later today.


Before, the cookie dough and the ER,
Ahnalin measured, cut, and sewed her own book bag.

She insisted that I take a picture and post it on the blog.

She told me she likes the "Press".

I think she is turning into a sewing diva.

Oh, and there will be more pics today of this little apron.

Really, the pattern is coming.

I promise!!!

I am going to take a nap now.

I had to check Ahnalin every hour all night long
because of her concussion.

She is fine.

I am convinced one of us will not survive her childhood!

Keep those beautiful stories coming
and do not forget to enter the Giveaway.

I am loving your beautiful tributes to those who have
invested time and love into your lives.

Love to you all.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time for a Giveaway!

So, I am REALLY late for my "Blogiversary", which was in February.
And I am also REALLY late for my "100 followers" celebration.
And I am almost at 150 followers now!!

So, that means I owe you all a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ok, I am still working on finishing up the final "Yaya's Apron" details. 

And I am running slower than I want to be.

(Actually, I am eating, sleeping and breathing apron stuff right now!
(another example of my poor photography skills, but still a super cute apron back view.)

We are working on the photography of the final pattern
and I have the help my dear friend Heather who is a professional photographer.


So, she takes really good pictures, unlike me!!
(Ahnalin is not part of the giveaway,
but I just had to show you how cute she is in her gear for bike riding.)

But since you have all been so patient, and encouraging, and since I love to read your comments so much,  I am putting up the giveaway information now.

I will not give you a date yet of when this giveaway will close, but it will coincide with the completion of the Yaya's Apron pattern.

So, you have just a few days for this one. 
(Yep, another random shot. This one is of a sign Ahnalin made for a puppet show
she did over Spring Break and Grandma and Grandpa's house.)

So, let me think......
(Let's hear it for more random photos!
This one is of my mom and the girls last summer walking in the Creek at Lithia Park
in Ashland.)

Ok, here we go. Since this pattern is named in honor of my husband's grandmother, I want to hear what is your favorite "gift" you have received from a grandparent or another person who invested time and love into your life. By gift, I mean wisdom, a skill lovingly taught, a story shared, or even a physical gift like a locket or book or some other special item.

What am I giving away? Well, the winner will receive the Yaya's Apron E-Book in PDF on the day it goes on sale. In addition, I will custom make a Yaya's Apron for you in your choice of size.

Please make sure that you include your email address so I can reach you.

Additional chances to win:

Become a follower or tell me if you are one already.

Become a fan of "Sivjegoose Patterns and Pretties" on Facebook, or tell me if you are already a fan.

Blog about this giveaway and leave the link in your comment.

Tweet about this giveaway and send me the link.

Follow me on Twitter. The link is on my sidebar near the top.

And post a separate entry for each chance you take!

Thank you all and good luck!!!

Happy Saturday.

And I am going to get back to work to get this pattern done!

Love to you all!!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More News From Yaya's Apron Testers!

Is this cute or what???

Jenny Fish of Sew Pretty Dresses
sewed up the 18" dolly size of the Yaya's Apron. 

I bet you know a little girl who would love to have 
an apron and one to match for her favorite dolly.

This is Holly and her girls.

I love their model poses!

These girls looks like fun!

Holly's little daughter is wearing the child medium.

And here is Laurie's Yaya's Apron.

I love the calico she chose.

It reminds me of the flour sacks of the 1930s.

Laurie is an amazing sewist and smocker.

Check out her blog
sewing tips and smocking lessons.

And look at this one!

Jolene lined this one and made her own bias tape.
This is just gorgeous!

I am in love!!!

I am so grateful for my fabulous testers and

They are catching all my crazy mistakes so that 
the Yaya's Apron will be ready for you all in just a few days.

Thank you for looking at all the pretty Yaya's Aprons my friends
are sewing up.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few Tester Teasers

The results from the Yaya's Apron pattern testers are starting to roll in!

And I am SOOOOO excited!!

This one was made by my friend Jerry,
known on sewing forums as Niener.

She made up a Misses size Yaya apron and did something special with the back tie.

Notice that lovely big bow? 

I just love it!!

Angel sewed this apron using the "Girlfriends Method".

Aren't they gorgeous?
Angel was impressed with how frugal this pattern is.

This little pile is all that was left from two, 
one yard cuts of fabric.

And this one was made by Jolene.

I love the colors she chose.

And her model is so adorable!!

She made the child size small which fits
sizes 2-4.

This is my favorite picture!

Love that rear view!

I am busy making pattern revisions
and corrections and 
hope to have the pattern ready to
sell this week!

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yaya's Apron is on it's way to the Testers!!

 Yes! Finally!

The Yaya's Apron pattern is FINALLY sent off to my fabulous testers!

I love the testing process. 

I have been so blessed to have been a tester for a few other pattern designers and now this is my second pattern to be tested by others.

It is fun to be a part of the creative process.

And yet, I find having others read through my work and sew from my patterns is very helpful.
Testers have fresh eyes. 

And I am so excited about the sewists testing this pattern.
I will post pics of their pretties as they come in.
Let me tell you, they are talented and creative ladies!

They have not lived with a pattern for night and day,dreaming about the drafting program conspiring against me,or wondering why the entire pattern has disappeared off my hard drive.Fortunately those were bad dreams and not true!

Well, the drafting program does have control issues, I think. 

 So, you may want to get a little pile of supplies ready to go.
For each basic apron you will need a yard of fabric, and two packs of bias tape. I hope to have the pattern ready for sale next week.

Now, I am off to my parents house with Ahnalin for a few days in Nevada.
India is on a mission trip in the wilds of central California.
And Don has lots of music to work on here at home.  Here are a few pics of my girls this weekend.
I was totally crazy working on the pattern.
And it was snowing.
So, I decided that neither Ahnalin, nor I, would die if I did not get the beautiful, very light batiste dress finished.
She wore her St. Patrick's Day dress. I only made it 2 weeks ago. Really, I am fine. Well, I had to convince myself it was ok, but Ahnalin was happy. 

Here is India and her friend Jordan.Jordan was baptized on Easter Sunday!
Jordy Pops, we are so proud of you!
Ahnalin got to meet a baby alpaca at the High Hand Nursery.
We ate Easter brunch there. YUMMY!
The alpaca thought Ahnalin was YUMMY! And bright and early yesterday morning, India, her boyfriend Kevin, the church high school youth group and a bunch of crazy adult leaders left for a mission trip in Fresno.
It was soooooo cold, but at least it was not snowing right then.
However, it still snowed here yesterday.

Here is my Ahnalin with me at the church's Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.
It was FREEZING!!!

I am sorry that I can't get many pictures on here right now. 
I think even my computer is wanting a break!

I pray you all have a beautiful week.

Next post will hopefully have pictures of Yaya' s Aprons
sewn by my testers!!!!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and excitement! 


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christos Anesti!!!!!

Christ is Risen!!

He is Risen INDEED!!!!!!

My husband is from a Greek family.

Every year on Easter Sunday, 

 we greet each other with a kiss and the exclamation of


And the proper and joyful response is


Indeed HE is Risen!!!

I love this. 

I love that Christ died for MY sins and that He did it because He loves me.

He did it because He knew that the only way for me be with Him in Heaven, 
was to give himself in my place.

He did it for all of us. 

Isaiah 53:5 says this:

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

I am so grateful that Jesus did this for me. 

I pray you have a beautiful and blessed Easter. 

And please, please, remember how much you are loved.