Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few Tester Teasers

The results from the Yaya's Apron pattern testers are starting to roll in!

And I am SOOOOO excited!!

This one was made by my friend Jerry,
known on sewing forums as Niener.

She made up a Misses size Yaya apron and did something special with the back tie.

Notice that lovely big bow? 

I just love it!!

Angel sewed this apron using the "Girlfriends Method".

Aren't they gorgeous?
Angel was impressed with how frugal this pattern is.

This little pile is all that was left from two, 
one yard cuts of fabric.

And this one was made by Jolene.

I love the colors she chose.

And her model is so adorable!!

She made the child size small which fits
sizes 2-4.

This is my favorite picture!

Love that rear view!

I am busy making pattern revisions
and corrections and 
hope to have the pattern ready to
sell this week!

Stay tuned!!!


Debby said...

Love the boose apron and all. (Boose as in caboose)

Tabitha said...

They are oh so lovely!

pamdux said...

My DH and I both love the front and back picture also.