Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring School Picture Day Outfit For Ahnalin

Today was Spring Picture Day at Ahnalin's school. Spring Picture Day must be pure profit for the school. See, in the Fall, the school sends home an order form listing the package prices and boring solid color backgrounds. But in the Spring, all that gets sent home in advance is a flyer with several gorgeous backdrops and no prices. They are sneaky that way. They take beautiful photos of your child and then send the entire packet home with them, including book marks, key chains and stickers. You can choose which photos (or key chains, book marks or stickers) you want to pay for and then you send the rest back. Yeah right. They see me coming EVERY TIME! We buy them ALL every Spring. 

These photos are NOT her Spring school pictures. 
I took these photos this morning before we walked to school, with my broken iphone.

So Ahnalin went shopping in my fabric stash a week or so ago. She NEEDED new shorts and matching sundress. 

And of course the sundress had to have pockets.

Now this morning,  she told me that she changed her mind and wanted front patch pockets instead of the side seam pockets. Too late kid.

The left short leg is all caught up in the hem for this picture and of course I didn't see it until after she had left for school.

And of course it had to twirl.

A little "Classic Ahnalin", of course.

A little ruching in the skirt above the contrast band.

And then she decided she needed to re-do her hair.....

because she is hilarious.

And then she remembered that today was P.E. so she traded her sandals for her dirty Cindy Lou Who Converse sneakers. 
She reminded me that the photographers don't take pictures of their shoes for school pictures. 

The fabrics were all from my stash. 
The patterns were from my head.
And I am still sticking to my personal fabric fast!
I haven't posted since November so I have lots to post soon. 

Happy sewing!