Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Pink Easter Dress For Ahnalin

A pink dress for Easter.

She told me exactly what she wanted.

She picked out this 
Sandi Henderson Henna Garden
that I had been hoarding in my stash 
for several years.

She simply had to have puffed sleeves!

So, like any "bosom friend" of 
Anne of Green Gable's,
I made her the puffiest of puffy sleeves.

She wanted a full, twirly skirt.

Sadly every time she twirled,
she twirled away from the camera.

So you will just have to trust me that it twirls. 

It had to have a big, long bow.

She REALLY wanted it to be a LONG dress.

But I split the difference with her
and hemmed it at tea length with a growth tuck.

I love growth tucks because
they are such a quick and sturdy
machine hem.

She wanted it smocked,
but ONLY pink. 

I tried to talk her into a little bit of green 
or some darker pink, 
but the answer was no.

When I started smocking this,
I had no real design in mind.

I just "winged it".

At first, I wasn't very inspired
and not terribly thrilled with the simplicity
of the smocking.

But now that the dress is done,
I think it is exactly what it was supposed to be.

She wanted a collar,
but it had to be the same fabric.

I was leaning toward white collar and 
sleeve cuffs.

I managed to talk her into 
a tiny bit of trim.

This teeny rick rack is very vintage.

She was very happy with her dress.

I am think she chose well.

 I asked her for a big smile,
and she decided to flash her gum at me.

She insisted that I show you 
her shoes.

She thinks they have high heels.

She likes to put them on and tap on the tile
because they sound like real heels.

I love this picture.

It shows her standing still,
which is a rarity.

But of course,
we had to have her "Classic Ahnalin" pose.

I ended up using up nearly every 
bit of that fabric. 

Tomorrow I will post about India's Easter dress.

I had better get some sleep.

I am busy working on some very exciting 
projects now.

I can't wait to share them with you.

Happy Sewing.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pink Bunnies for Lili

Sweet and simple
and oh, so classic.

For Lili's Easter dress,
I used New Look 6118.

However, I altered the pattern,
because I can never just sew the 
pattern the way it is!

I altered the back of the pattern
so that I could use 4 buttons in a square.

The lower two buttons are covered by the bow.

The directions of the pattern
show the back placket being folded back on itself
over the lining. 

I felt this was uneccesary
and looked unfinished
on the inside. 

Changing the construction the way
I have done this,
makes for a more interesting
and finished back.

And all the seams are inclosed
the way I prefer.

I simply adore the silhouette!

The fabric is a precious baby bunny print
by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse.

Ahnalin picked it out for darling Lili.

I can hardly wait to see little Lili wear it
on Easter Sunday!

Happy Sewing 
and Happy Holy Week!