Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Pink Easter Dress For Ahnalin

A pink dress for Easter.

She told me exactly what she wanted.

She picked out this 
Sandi Henderson Henna Garden
that I had been hoarding in my stash 
for several years.

She simply had to have puffed sleeves!

So, like any "bosom friend" of 
Anne of Green Gable's,
I made her the puffiest of puffy sleeves.

She wanted a full, twirly skirt.

Sadly every time she twirled,
she twirled away from the camera.

So you will just have to trust me that it twirls. 

It had to have a big, long bow.

She REALLY wanted it to be a LONG dress.

But I split the difference with her
and hemmed it at tea length with a growth tuck.

I love growth tucks because
they are such a quick and sturdy
machine hem.

She wanted it smocked,
but ONLY pink. 

I tried to talk her into a little bit of green 
or some darker pink, 
but the answer was no.

When I started smocking this,
I had no real design in mind.

I just "winged it".

At first, I wasn't very inspired
and not terribly thrilled with the simplicity
of the smocking.

But now that the dress is done,
I think it is exactly what it was supposed to be.

She wanted a collar,
but it had to be the same fabric.

I was leaning toward white collar and 
sleeve cuffs.

I managed to talk her into 
a tiny bit of trim.

This teeny rick rack is very vintage.

She was very happy with her dress.

I am think she chose well.

 I asked her for a big smile,
and she decided to flash her gum at me.

She insisted that I show you 
her shoes.

She thinks they have high heels.

She likes to put them on and tap on the tile
because they sound like real heels.

I love this picture.

It shows her standing still,
which is a rarity.

But of course,
we had to have her "Classic Ahnalin" pose.

I ended up using up nearly every 
bit of that fabric. 

Tomorrow I will post about India's Easter dress.

I had better get some sleep.

I am busy working on some very exciting 
projects now.

I can't wait to share them with you.

Happy Sewing.


Stephanie said...

She looks adorable. I like really like the only pink smocking.

Bunny said...

Ahnalin has a great design sense!

Debby said...

A beautiful dress for a pretty little girl.

Diane said...

I love her dress!!! You inspire me so, Sivje! I love to smock too, and your smoking is beautiful!

And I love her high healed shoes!!! :)


Lynn said...

What a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl! I love all the details that she requested. Is the smocking done by hand or machine? I'm kind of ignorant of how it's done!

Ruth said...

Oh! It's lovely! The dress is perfect. Just perfect.

Charcoal Windowpane Suits said...

That dress is so beautiful. Perfect for Easter.

Emily said...

I have been reading your blog and keep checking back for updates! Haha I check a few craft blogs every day for new posts and yours is one of them. You are inspiring! I am not married nor a mom yet but for some reason your blog inspires me so much! Keep it up! One of my favorites was the Dr. Suess outfit. I can tell you love your girls so so much. It's inspiring! Happy Mothers day!

hjones said...

What a wonderful mama you are! I love the "co-op dress"! Blessings and I thank God for showing a bit of His beauty through you.