Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red Dragon Smocked Dress

One of my favorite little girls requested
a red dress with a dragon smocked onto it.

I searched and searched and had no success finding
a smock plate with a dragon,
nor one with Chinese lanterns.

She is the same age as my Ahnalin and both girls
love the strong girl warrior of Chinese legend
depicted in the Disney movie "Mulan".

We decided to let the movie influence my smocking.
As there is no pattern for this character,
I just started smocking free hand,
 to see how the little dragon
would arrive on the fabric. 
And he arrived full of personality!


 The Chinese lanterns were actually
a machine embroidery file that I purchased.
I had not machine embroidered on pleated fabric
before, but I think it worked well.

She requested her name to be embroidered on the skirt
in gold thread and Chinese style writing.

I hemmed the dress with my favorite growth tuck
hem treatment.

As she has a December birthday, she prefers
her dresses to have long sleeves and 
twirly skirts have been her preference as well.

Long sleeve cuffs with star button and 
candy cane corded piping. 
The angle of the picture is weird
and the piping is folding all wonky because 
I was holding with one hand and taking
the picture with my phone. 
I think I should have asked someone to 
take the photo for me!

This is the back of the dress.

I am now remembering why I never posted these
photos last year. 

I was thrilled with how the dress turned out,
be the photos were so awful.  

I think I need some photography help!
I have several other creations from the 
last year that I never shared.
I need to get busy and post them!

For today, I am making a blue raw silk
dress for India to wear to a gala this weekend.
I PROMISE I will post photos when I finish the dress.

Happy Sewing. 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For A Little University of Michigan Fan

I adore jonjons and longalls on little boys.
But I do not have a little boy of my own to wear them.
I have sewn many over the years for my nephew and for custom orders. 

So when I received an email from a friend requesting a longall with 
the University of Michigan "M" embroiderd on the front, 
I got excited.

I struggled with the colors and finding the right fabric here.
I ended up visiting a famous-yet-new-to-me store in Berkeley called 
Stonemountain and Daughter. Oh wow! That is a lovely store!

This is actually a dark royal blue 100% cotton woven gingham,
even though it looks very dark navy. 
I purchased the embroidery design off Etsy.
And those "maize" buttons came from Britex in San Francisco. 
Sigh. Britex. My happy place. 

The customer had requested a full lining, so I used a lovely 100% cotton
sheeting from Stonemountain and Daughter. 

I am very fussy about matching my plaids and ginghams at seam lines. 
I fussy cut each peice individually and pin every inch or so, 
to insure that the fabric doesn't shift while I sew. 

I wanted to make sure this outfit fit it's little owner for a long time, 
So I cut the legs long,so they would cuff at the hem for now,
But be unrolled as he grew.

I hope to receive a photo of this little guy in his outfit. 
He will be wearing it this weekend while his whole family gathers
to cheer on their favorite team. 

Happy Sewing!