Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For A Little University of Michigan Fan

I adore jonjons and longalls on little boys.
But I do not have a little boy of my own to wear them.
I have sewn many over the years for my nephew and for custom orders. 

So when I received an email from a friend requesting a longall with 
the University of Michigan "M" embroiderd on the front, 
I got excited.

I struggled with the colors and finding the right fabric here.
I ended up visiting a famous-yet-new-to-me store in Berkeley called 
Stonemountain and Daughter. Oh wow! That is a lovely store!

This is actually a dark royal blue 100% cotton woven gingham,
even though it looks very dark navy. 
I purchased the embroidery design off Etsy.
And those "maize" buttons came from Britex in San Francisco. 
Sigh. Britex. My happy place. 

The customer had requested a full lining, so I used a lovely 100% cotton
sheeting from Stonemountain and Daughter. 

I am very fussy about matching my plaids and ginghams at seam lines. 
I fussy cut each peice individually and pin every inch or so, 
to insure that the fabric doesn't shift while I sew. 

I wanted to make sure this outfit fit it's little owner for a long time, 
So I cut the legs long,so they would cuff at the hem for now,
But be unrolled as he grew.

I hope to receive a photo of this little guy in his outfit. 
He will be wearing it this weekend while his whole family gathers
to cheer on their favorite team. 

Happy Sewing!

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Janice Ferguson said...

Beautiful little Michigan fan outfit! Dressing children in team-themed clothing is so much fun. I love and respect your attention to matching plaids and checks. Details like that really make a garment exceptional.