Monday, August 31, 2009

Mama Made the Monkey Girl a Sling

Thank you all for your prayers for Ahnalin. She is tired of that enormous cast already and has a long way to go. It is really heavy, and the hospital did not send her home with a sling, so I let her go "shopping" in Mama's fabric stash for her sling.

She picked 4 different pink fabrics, though 1 is barely visible. The outside is a Strawberry Shortcake print, with a hot pink with white polka dot ruffle and strap.
The lining is a pink, green, yellow and white stripe and the padded part of the strap is pale pink Minkee.

I had to draft the sling because the angle of her cast is very different from standard casts. And, as I said before, this cast is SUPER HUGE!

After taking the pics, when Ahnalin was hurting and really not wanting to take pictures, I tried to distract her by checking to see if any of Ahnalin's snapdragons had finally bloomed. Happily, there were two blossoms. So I showed her how to make the "Dragons" talk. She loved it!

Then we checked out our tomato bushes, which are bursting with gorgeous Beefsteak tomatoes! We picked around 2 dozen today! I am sure we will have eaten them by tomorrow. My favorite way to eat them is just cut up raw with a sprinkling of salt.

I did take a photo of India, but she is not feeling well and threatened me if I posted the picture. So, no pic of the lovely India today.

Thank you again for the prayers. I will update when I have more info on Ahnalin's arm.


The Momtastic Stitcher said...

she picked out the perfect fabrics for her so sweet...I hope both the girls feel better soon...and WOW on the tomatoes I will bet they taste delicious!

Carolyn said...

I think I might have to come visit and help you eat those tomatoes. They look delish!!! Praying for both of your girls today, Sivje!!


julia said...

The sling is very pretty and princess like. Hope India feels better soon and prayers that little one will not suffer too much with that heavy sling.

Amy said...

I'm not too sure which is more precious...the sling or her expression. I do hope that she can get through this quickly... and you too!


Cindy said...

Cute!! Hope she feels better soon!!!!

Laura L. said...

What a cute sling. I hope she's feeling better day by day. Poor thing. I wouldn't want to carry a big ole cast around either.

MamaOfTwo said...

The sling is awesome...but I'm sorry Ahnalin needs one. Hope she is feeling better very soon!

Also praying for India - hope she's feeling better quickly.


Bear's Mommy said...

Poor little girl. Poor Mommy. I will be praying for a fast recovery and a mommy with abundant patience.

The sling is adorable Sivje!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Ahnalin broke her arm! I've actually had to make that phone call as a teacher. The culprit? Another set of monkey bars. Hope she heals quickly. (And yes, I'm talking to you as if I know you because I used to hang out on the BB all the time. So I FEEL like I know you.)