Monday, December 28, 2009

A few Christmas Pics

My beautiful girls in their new jammies for Christmas Eve

I love my girls so very, very much.
They are two of my favorite gifts I have ever received.

On Christmas Eve, Don and I performed in 4 services at our church.  Both of our girls came with us and spent the whole day at the church.  India served in the kindergarten classroom for two of the  services.  They had the option to go home instead of staying so long but both wanted to stay
with us. By the 8:00PM service, I was totally shocked that Ahnalin was still awake!
But our friends, Lance and Anna, also performing, brought their 6 week old Alaskan Husky
puppy to stay backstage. My girls could not get enough of this sweet baby!

And yes, I must admit something, though it pains me to do it.
The dress that Ahnalin is wearing? is store-bought! Can you believe it????
I made her two new Christmas outfits this year, and she wore a store-bought dress!!!!
I had purchased this dress, and a blue one just like it, when she was two, before I started
smocking, and only paid $7.00 for each of them. They were stored with several clothing items
that I had put away until they fit her. When she went digging through her clothes, she found them and said "Mama, the tag says 5!" So, we pulled them out and she has been wearing them. Whatever!

After we got home from the 8:00 service, at almost 10:00PM, the girls changed into their  new Christmas Eve jammies and got ready for Bed. Nana gave her a new blanket that must have been drenched in sleepy dreams because Ahnalin fell asleep within seconds. This NEVER happens!
Ahnalin does not ever fall asleep on her own, so we were all rather shocked!
She has been battling her asthma rather fiercely the last week so that probably contributed to her exhaustion, and it was late....and Santa was on his way!

Ahnalin had been begging for a "Dick and Jane" book ever since reading one at my Aunt Linda and Uncle Jay's house this summer. As soon as she opened the book Christmas morning, she situated herself on the sofa and began sounding out words.

We managed to find two different Alice in Wonderland type books for India, both of which are out of print. She dove right in to them with a big smile on her face.

Ahnalin insists on a birthday cake for Jesus every year, and we have to sing.
Of course, Ahnalin gets to blow out the candles. Did I mention that she decorated the cake?

I managed to get a picture of the girls in the family on Christmas day wearing their Yaya's Aprons.
A few of them are internet shy, so I blurred their faces. But they are MUCH prettier in person than their blurry faces suggest.

Ahnalin and Daddy had fun playing with Ahnalin's new art supplies. She received several art
supply sets, but she uses them like water and runs out of pens on a consistent basis,
so she was thrilled to receive new art things.

India and her cousin, or "twin" as she likes to call him, had fun opening presents.

We had a wonderful day of family and good, good food.

My hot rockin' hubby finally relented and bought me a new iron. He had refused
for a long time because he, like many men, are afraid to buy appliances for their wives presents.
But I REALLY REALLY wanted a new iron!!!
So, this is what he got me!

It is the Rowenta DX 8900, also called the "Sewer's Iron" because it does not have and auto shutoff!!!
I had the previous version of this iron for nearly 20 years until it died a sad and painful death.
I had purchased it's predecessor to make my wedding gown in 1988, and loved it every second I owned it. But when it died, I could not afford to get a new one. So, I have asked for one every gift-giving occasion since then. Finally, after a prolonged Facebook campaign, in which he realized I really did want it, he relented and ordered it for me. Merry Christmas to meeeeeeee!!!!

He also bought me a headlamp so that I can see my handwork when the light is dim. Can you say "Smocking in the car"? Yep!!! That would be while I am in the passenger seat. I promise. Really.

Oh and he got me a shirt that says "My Husband Rocks".
I love it! He does, you know. I mean he ROCKS!!

So, Christmas was really nice. We got to be with family and we got to celebrate Jesus.
It was perfect.


Mrs. Bianca said...

Love the pictures! I think that's the same iron I received from my MIL! Glad you love it. I picked it out not knowing which to buy and now this makes me happy that it comes highly recommended by you.

Jeannie B. said...

I really enjoyed this post. I especially like the picture of your sleeping daughter with her Nana! A brave husband to buy you an iron!!

April said...

Such a fun, fun post! We finally had to allow the deadbeat iron to die and get a new one. I'm so nervous about getting a Rowenta with mixed reviews, but I ordered one anyway. Unfortunately, I get in trouble for not shutting the iron off so I am *required* to get a an auto-shut-off (siiiigh). I did read that if you try steaming when teh setting is not on steam, that is what causes them to leak.... so who knows.... I guess we'll try them together! :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Beautiful dress, even if it wasn't made by mom! My girls love their books and art supplies, too.
BTW, my friend has a Yaya, too! She is Greek.

Jennifer said...

We love Sivje and her beautiful girls!!

julia said...

I hope you have the best 2010 ever!!!!

cre8tivecrys said...

Sounds like a busy and fulfilling day! Your girls are beautiful

Laura L. said...

I love the pics of India and Ahnalin together. Very sweet. Yes, they are the most wonderful gifts.