Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Sewing and a Gaggle of Yayas

Everyone is getting "Yaya's Aprons" for Christmas this year. However, when my niece came up this weekend for a visit, I broke down and gave the girls their aprons early.
After all, they are all great-granddaughters of the original "Yaya".

I sized down the apron for Ahnalin. This size will fit a size 5 very loosely,
and will probably fit until she is about 8 or 9.
I figure I will need to make a smaller size as well to fit maybe 2-4.

As we have been baking, the Christmas music has been playing, one album after another,
Ahnalin grabbed her Nana for a little impromptu dancing.
 However, Nana was not wearing her apron at the time.

They had style, grace and flair!

India was manning, or "girling" the Kitchen Aid mixer.

My three chefs are pretty proud of their matching aprons.

They actually baked three kinds of cookies.
However, I have no photographic proof as I forgot to take those pictures!
They baked Raspberry Thumbprints, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Gingerbread cookies.
I promise you that they tasted great!

One of our family traditions every year is new jammies on Christmas Eve.
Since the girls know this is part of the deal,
 I started letting them be involved in the design process.

Ahnalin wanted pink flannel with snowmen and a big ruffly skirt.

India loves Volkswagen Bugs, so I found this darling cotton knit and we both fell in love.
I kind of messed up on the embroidery. Well, actually, I walked away from the machine and it
ate up the fabric! Thankfully I was able to salvage the top.

This little blanket was for a friend whose baby is due 3 days after Christmas.
I love the Minkee fabric and the knit from Chez Ami.
The fabrics sew up so beautifully and are so soft!

I ended up sewing wayyyyyyy more aprons than I had originally planned.
None have yet made it onto my Etsy site, as they all seemed to sell before I got them finished!

The plan is that next week I will finish the writing on the Yaya Apron pattern,
 so that I can get it out to testers.

The sewing machine is put away for a few days.

The project for today was making Spanikopita for Christmas!
No sewing machine was needed for this project.
But oh, how yummy!!

I have to get ready now. Don and I have to be at the church in an hour.
We have 2 Christmas services tonight and 4 tomorrow.
We LOVE serving at the Christmas Eve services.

In case I do not check in again before Christmas,
I want you all to know that I so appreciate you all!
I pray that you feel the Love of Jesus this year.
I pray that you reach out to others in Peace.
And I pray that you have Joy in your hearts.

In His Grace,


Holly Days Closet said...

I was wondering where the pattern for those apron was I love the name Yaya. If you need more testers I'd love to test for you. I have tested for other lady crochet and sew really well I can send you pic of some of the stuff I've done so you can see I'm not a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I LOVE Yaya's Apron! I'd give my right arm for the pattern....only...wait....I couldn't sew it up if I did!

seamsgreat said...

Love the Aprons. You know now you are going to have to make another apron pattern sized for little girls? "Yaya's grandaughter's apron".

I will also throw my name in the hat as a tester for both sizes.