Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowy Weekend Catch-up!

Last Saturday, yes, a whole week ago, Ahnalin sang in the Christmas concert at TCC with her Kindergarten class. I could not get any good shots during the actual performance,
but these are from the rehearsal.

Ahnalin sang her words and  performed the hand motions perfectly. However, the girl we affectionately refer to as "Boom Boom" told me that she could not do the dance moves because she had a broken leg. Um. ok. She is an amazing little dancer ,  but hey, if she says she has a broken leg, she must have one. Right?  
We did not stay through the elementary age part of the show because we had to get India to her Madrigal Dinner  and then turn around and drive down the hill to a family wedding reception.

Sadly, India missed the reception because she was performing. But some girlfriends curled her hair for her performance and we think she looks beautiful. This is her sad face later that night when she found out about all the cousins she missed out on.

Sunday was a wonderful day at church. All four of the singers on the vocal team, including me, were sick. Lovely. We still sang and were blessed by a beautiful dance team that came to minister as well.
But then that afternoon, we bade farewell to one of our beloved pastoral families, the Carothers' as they leave to begin their ministry in Fresno.

My parents were then supposed to travel over the mountains from Sparks to be with us for a few days. My mom was to speak at our MOPS Christmas Tea with me. But they called and said that the pass and freeway were closed due to the blizzard conditions and several fatal accidents. Very bad.

So, we cozied in for the evening and watched the snow fall. By Monday morning, we woke to this!

Yes. 11 inches fell over night. First SNOW DAY of the year! Yes it does snow in California.
School was canceled for Monday and Tuesday and all activities. Ahnalin spent hours outside in the snow. India slept and slept and slept.

Later on, they baked cookies. Actually they baked both days.
The cookies are all gone. Sorry.

We watched Christmas movies, drank cocoa with whipped cream,
and wore our pajamas for 3 days in a row. 


I probably could have gotten a lot of sewing done, however, after being sick and
forcing myself to sew for so long, I had promised Don and my mom that I would take 2
days off to rest. I actually took 4 days off of sewing.
I did not get well completely
but I do feel better
than I did.

Next post, a bit of sewing and a Friday brag!

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