Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Tale of two "Alices"

Ahnalin as Alice

India as Alice

Yeah, I know this is crooked. It was 6:00AM, dark and I could say that I was going for an opium enhanced look. (That was said for India's benefit since she vehemently defends Lewis Carroll and insists that he did not smoke opium while writing "Through the Looking Glass".)
Yes. She was dancing. Check out the toes! She is thrilled that her surgeon released her to go back to dance lessons next week! Waahoooo!
Yeah, I know. I have more pictures of Ahnalin, but she will pose more for me and India starts rolling her eyes and making "emo" faces. So, here is a pretty picture from last weekend.

Someday, I am going to get myself a good camera and actually learn to take good pictures. Until then, I will have to make due with my blurry, poorly lit pictures.

Thank you for looking at my beautiful "Alices".


Tabitha said...

Gorgeous! Lovely!

happy zombie said...

Your daughter's and their costumes are DARLING! I especially love your youngest daughter's dress (I would wear that in my size if I could pull that off!). I also love it paired with the stripped socks. TOO CUTE!

Cindy said...

Beautiful girls!!! And I love your attention to details on the dresses and aprons!!!!

julia said...

Those are two beautiful girls!!! Different looks, different personalities, etc.... makes for lots more fun around the house. My three were like a triangle. Each one had her own point, but were and still are connected to one another!!!

Bunny said...

These are beautiful dresses, Sivje. The girls are gorgeous, as usual!

seamsgreat said...

Love the striped tights! Both girls look great. Good job Mom!

Praise and Coffee said...

Love, love, love all the pics!!!!

Kip said...

Your daughters are beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Sivje such beautiful daughters!!!