Friday, October 2, 2009

India and Ahnalin update

India is still sick. She has been out of school since Monday. Her inner ear infection is better according to the doctor but her sinus infection is still raging. Her blood sugars reflect the infection as well. She is still very dizzy and just generally feels yucky.

Showstoppers is just a week away and every rehearsal counts right now. So Don has been helping a lot with rehearsals so India can just sit in a chair and direct. But we are all feeling the pressure of being down to the wire.

I am busy sewing things like hats for one of the numbers and a boned top for one of the singers. I am desiging in such a way that the "tail feathers" can be removed so that she can wear the top again. I have several other costumes to make as well. This is in addition to things like curtains for a local client.
I will post pics soon.

Ahnalin has her next surgery on Monday. We are praying that the doctor is pleased with her healing, so that she will come out of the next surgery with no cast. PLEASE GOD!!!!

We would really appreciate prayer for our girls and for India's show.

I will put up pics later of the sewing I am doing.


Tabitha said...

Best thoughts from me to both of the girls--next week will be better for both of them I know it!

Julia said...

my prayers are on their way.

KBriggs said...

I will be praying for your girls!!!! and for your internal peace about all of these. i can only imagine how hard it must be on you too.

Laura L. said...

Prayers here. I hope India will soon be well. God is able!
Ahnalin's surgery is on my calendar.

Amy said...

Lots of Prayers and Hugs for the girls!
Hoping they both recover quickly!!!

And praying for your sanity.... I'm sure you must be hanging on by a thread?