Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New post coming

Hi Everyone. I am so sorry to be so remiss in posting about India's show. It was fabulous and quite the whirlwind. I am uploading pictures and will post them soon. But I got sick on Sunday afternoon, losing my voice and getting hit with my asthma. I think I am just totally exhausted.

So, hang tight and soon I will have pics posted. Thank you for all your prayers. India is staying healthy. Yesterday she had a doc appt for some skin stuff. Then this afternoon, I take Ahnalin to physical therapy and an appt with her surgeon to review her new X-rays. Tomorrow India has an appt with her endocrinologist, and I still have not gotten her newest round of bloodwork done. And I STILL have not gotten her senior portraits taken! I have SO MUCH to catch up on now that the show is over.

So, I have to get healthy again so I can get back to work on all the things that need to be done. Next week, for Fall Break, Ahnalin and I will go to Sparks to stay with my parents. I am taking lots of sewing projects and hope to get caught up. I have some customs to do, pattern drafting, fall clothes for the girls, Halloween costumes, and just maybe I will get started on India's "Queen" gown for the Madrigal Dinner. Don't worry. I will sleep.

I will try to get pics posted tonight. It really was incredible and so worth it!


seamsgreat said...

How is Ahnalins Arm? Did she get the cast off?

Can't wait to see your finished projects! How is the weather up there?(janet)

Simone said...

I really wish we could have gone. Was don able to record it? HOPE SO!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing the pics. So sad for me that I don't get to hear the songs though through the pics. :)

julia said...

Busy, busy mom!