Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Night In Our New House

Impressive, isn't it!
Ok, not really, but this was our little family Saturday evening
in our new house in Santa Rosa.
We had planned on loading a moving truck
on Saturday morning and driving over
and then unloading.

But a REALLY BIG STORM hit Grass Valley.
So we decided that it would be too much of a mess
to pack the truck in the snow.
So we just took sleeping bags and blow up
mattresses and camped out.

I am not sure what that white spot on the wall is,
but my camera got wet so maybe that
was on the lens.

So, what you see here is the living/ dining room.
The white thing on the side is the banister.

Yes, there is a super cute little orange velvet chair sitting there.
Stay tuned to that because I am 
going to slipcover that soon.
I got it for $14.99 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store 
a few weeks ago. 
I drove around with it in the back of my van for weeks 
until I could unload it at our new house.

Don and the kids are cuddled up watching
"Pete's Dragon", which the girls
ended up hating. Hm. I always liked
that one, but this was the first time they saw it.

Yes, that is my smocking board in the background. 
In the next few days I will be posting pics
of the "Olivia the Pig" smocked dress I am 
making for a client. 
I sat on the floor of our new house smocking.

What? We all look like drowned rats, you say?

Why yes we do!

Between the snow and pouring rain that day we were 
just glad to be inside in our cozy but empty new home.

My friend Sheri brought us a yummy hot meal
to celebrate our first night in our new home.

It was so good and we were so grateful!

See my new kitchen?
It is not huge and amazing
like my inlaws kitchen, 
but I nearly cried as I unpacked.
It is perfect for the 4 of us!

And since we do not have our beds delivered yet,
Ahnalin asked if she could set up her 
ladybug tent in her room and sleep in that.

Well, why not? 
She had a blast!

So, tomorrow, we pack phase one of the moving van.
We are back and forth all week between Santa Rosa and
Grass Valley.

The final phase of the move will not happen until the middle 
of December because the girls are still in school until then.

I am still busy sewing amidst the packing and moving.

If you have not entered the Yaya's Apron Giveaway yet,
you can do that here.

I will announce the winner Thanksgiving morning!

We appreciate any and all prayers regarding our move
and job stuff. 

Happy Sewing.


Tabitha O. said...

Congrats on the new house and have fun moving! Send some of that weather New Mexico way...we need it!

Mrs. Bianca said...

Many blessings and prayers as you move and settle in. Congratulations!!

Sonia said...

Love your new home! And I think you are right! It is perfect!

Jan M said...

Best wishes as you move and make a hew home. May the memories formed and the blessings received be all you dreamed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sivje! I had tears in my eyes as I read about and looked at pictures of your new house. It has been an honor to pray for this blessing and I am sooo excited for you as you will be celebrating Christmas in your own home!! It is beautifully perfect! I pray that y'all will make many happy memories there!
Love, BPW-Melony

Anonymous said...

A house filled with love and more love coming when we get there!!!

Laurie said...

I've been wondering about you - glad to get an update! What fun memories you are making amidst moving in!!! I hope and pray all goes well for the next few weeks as you move from one home to another and have to say goodbye to schools, friends and family!

Bunny said...

Sivje, I am so glad you will be in your new home for the holidays. Just think of your situation a year ago. This is really wonderful. I hope you and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tiffany said...

I am smiling as I write to see your sweet family all cozied up in your OWN HOME. I know you must be jittery with plans and lists...What a blessing for all of you and congrats to India on the Disney school stuff--I'm green with envy. What an awesome neat opportunity! Happy Turkey day my precious friend~!

goosiegirls said...

I think it looks wonderful! This first night will last in your memory forever. It might not have been posh-comfy, but it was exciting and super fun for the girls! Congrats Sivje!!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Yay Sivje! So happy for you and the family. I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving!

ShirleyC said...

Your home looks beautiful, and I know you will be so excited to be completely moved in.
It looks like everyone had a great time camping out and making new memories.