Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood And Other Halloweeny Things

Ahnalin loves Little Red Riding Hood.

Well, to be more specific,
she loves the character of Little Red
from the Stephen Sondheim Broadway Musical
"Into The Woods".

So, she chose to dress up as Little Red
for Halloween.

Now, I must admit to having big plans
for a darling Bavarian style dress
and blouse to be worn under
the "Riding Hood". 


But, if you look closely,
you will see the blouse and bloomer skirt I made
her last December...

 and the apron I made for her 
Alice in Wonderland costume for last halloween.

The "Red Riding Hood" is the only new item
that I made for her this Halloween.

And true to my usual self, I made
it so that she could wear it as an actual garment.

I used McCalls M4567 and 
sewed it out of red fleece 
and then lined it in red/white gingham.
And I used the vintage Norwegian embroidered
ribbon again, matching the blouse from last year.
While I was trying to get a photo of Ahnalin 
pretending to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,
she was skipping up and down the steps.....


"Into the woods

and out of the woods

and home before dark!"

And for my mom.....
a few more pictures of us at the Fall Family Festival
Twin Cities.

Sorry this is blurry. 
I asked another mom to take this pic of Ahnalin and me
on the hayride at the FFF.

India decided to wear her
from the Madrigal Dinner last year.

Ahnalin got to pet a miniature horse.

And she got to ride a big horse!

And she got to hug her cousin Anna, 
who was also dressed as Little Red Riding Hood!

We got to hear Daddy (AKA Don, AKA the Hot Rockin Hubby)
sing with the Denny Russell Band one more time.

And we saw the cutest little tiny cowpoke
dancing to the country music.

Oh, and do you remember that little pumpkin
with no stem?

Well Daddy helped Ahnalin to carve it on Saturday night.

And after the pumpkin carving, we all snuggled
in to watch 
"It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

So, Halloween was fun!

I am sorry I have been so remiss in posting.

We are trying to deal with all the details
of moving.
We are hoping we have found the right house
and that we will get to move soon. 
We are so grateful for your prayers.
Please keep them coming!

So, other than a few customs,
not much sewing has taken place lately.

I hope to remedy that soon!

On Thursday,
I will show a darling custom smocked dress
I have been working on for a client.

Happy Sewing and Happy Fall.


pwnmom said...

How Precious!! You are an amazing woman of God, Sijve!! Thanks for sharing your life with us... and doing so a great job with pictures and sewing and your family. Praying that God blesses as life continues to change for you!

seamsgreat said...

Ahnalin is just precious. Love her costume. Great job Mom! (hugs) ~janet

Cole's Corner said...

Love the costume!!! She looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful post with cute pictures of your family!!
We love you all and praying for the Lord's very best for you. Love you

Laura L. said...

Great photos. I love her costume, and I love the photo of her skipping down the steps. Too cute.
Jadyn enjoyed seeing the photos too.

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing all these photos. Ahnalin is so gorgeous!! The costume is great!

Anna said...

I also made a Red Riding Hood Costume for my little girl. Yours looks great!