Thursday, October 21, 2010

Punkys Pumpkin Patch

Ahnalin is on Fall Break!

So, she and I got to go to Santa Rosa with Don
on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Most of our time was spent looking for rental houses
so we can move.

But all house-hunting and no play,
makes Sivje a very stressed out mama
and Ahnalin a very grouchy girl!

So, Ahnalin and jumped in the car 
and drove up Redwood Highway to 
Punkys Pumpkin Patch,

There are many Pumpkin Patches in Sonoma County,
but Punkys offers lots of fun things to do for FREE!!!

Look closely and you will see Ahnalin
Jumping inside the bounce house. 

She jumped for at least 20 minutes before even going down the slide!

Then she went down the bouncy slide a bazillion times!

Then we headed over to the SUPER GINORMOUS TALL SLIDE!!!

There was NO ONE THERE! 

No lines!

And she slid to her heart's content!

There was no "Hay Bale Mountain" 
at Punkys so she improvised.

We saw green pumpkins....

and white pumpkins....

and lots of colors in between.

And this very lumpy, bumpy orange pumpkin
just made me really happy!

In the end, she chose a sweet yellow orange pumpkin
without a stem.

She did not want this pumpkin to be left unloved 
and unchosen because it had no stem.

That is who my little one is. 

She has a big heart for those who may feel 
left out and abandoned. 

Happy Pumpkin Patch Day my darling girl!


Julia said...

Sweet post. Why are you moving?

Debby said...

She is such a cute little girl. Good luck looking for a home.

Meg said...

Your day sounds wonderful and I love that she selected the pumpkin without the stem! Beautiful...really just a beautiful moment and day. :)

ShirleyC said...

That is one fabulous pumpkin patch. I know she had fun.

Jan M said...

Ahnalin's pumpkin and heart are precious!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a sweetie she is. I love these photos :-)
Thanks for signing up for my giveaway.