Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My School Girl

 You know, Ahnalin is a big First Grader now.

 She has been reading since she was barely 5, 
but has really fallen in love with books
this year.

Her favorite books,
and I do mean FAVORITE(!!!!)
are "Dick and Jane" books.

She reads them all the time!

So, when I saw that Laura Johnson of
had designed a classic school girl style jumper 
with a classic "Peter Pan" collared blouse,
I begged to be one of the pattern testers.

 And this little jumper and blouse really
remind of of Dick and Jane!

This little lined jumper has a pleated skirt
and buttons up the back.

I made Ahnalin's out of a medium weight twill, 
embroidered with ladybugs.

I used red gingham mini piping, 
and ladybug buttons on the back!

The blouse was made from white Kona cotton
and white rick rack (surprise!)

And it went together so easily!

Laura provides clear, concise directions
and lovely hand drawn illustrations.

Sorry, this photo is so blurry, 
but it makes me laugh so you get to see it.

The pattern includes sizes 4-12 
and provides both the jumper and blouse
pattern pieces. 
Which is a great deal!

Ahnalin read her book out loud the entire time 
that I was taking these pictures.

She started to make faces and giggle 
and just like that!
She was off and so "done" with
her mommy taking pictures!

So, pop on over to Laura's website and 
check out her pretty patterns. 

Laura, thank you for letting me test your darling pattern!


Ellie Inspired said...

Aww! Thank YOU for doing such a great job testing and that sweet Ahnalin for modeling for us. She cracks me up! I'm uploading the pattern tonight!

Momma said...

Super cute!

Dawn said...

Sivje, that is so stinkin cute!!!! I really love it!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Cute little dress, and a more darling child. LOVE the photo shoot falling apart by the end!! So serious in the beginning, and all giggles to finish it off! Great job!

Desiree' said...

SO adorable!! (Both!!)

Anita said...

First....LOVE the cute outfit and of course your sweet model. And like I said....we think too much alike....I bought some "old" Dick and Jane books for my sister and I for Christmas a few years ago because it brought back the memories of when we would read them together. Too fun!! :)