Sunday, April 12, 2009

She's HOME and with the "A Touch of the Blarney" to boot!

YAY!!!! My weary world traveler is home! Though I do admit to throwing a few fits while she was gone, out of sheer frustration at her lack of communication, I must say that my girl looks good. I doubt that she, or Ireland for that matter, will ever be the same.

Today, Easter, was the first major holiday that we have ever been separated, even for a few hours. And even though Don and I were very busy with the 3 Easter services this morning, my mind often wandered to where she was flying, thousands of feet in the air. Backstage, in the green room, I logged into the Air Lingus website to follow her progress, and was oh so relieved when her flight finally showed as "Arrived".

We had a lovely afternoon at Aunt Cookie and Uncle John's home having yummy homemade dolmas and lamb, watching the little ones run around for the Easter egg hunt. But it was so strange that India was not yet home.

Finally, we received the phone call that the busses were almost home from the airport. They arrived at the high school at 5:30 and I got to hug many sweet kids before my very own sweet girl got off the bus. Oh the sight of her! Tired, with a blue streak in her hair, but so happy! We loaded up our girl, with her enormous suitcase, and backpack, and brought her home! She bubbled over with stories, of the beauty of Ireland, the lush green, the craggy cliffs, the castles filled with swords and history, the tea and chocolates, and the "shenanigans" of her friends.

She came bearing gifts, having thought of each one of her family while she was so far away. She admitted to her insulin pump failing the second day into the trip, having to go back on shots, about 10 per day. But she did it! She survived without her anxious, control freak mama, and somehow seems more grown up, just a little more separated from me. Who said my baby was allowed to grow up anyway? She spoke of the beauty and honor of singing ancient, sacred hymns in historical cathedrals. The amazing acoustics, as well as the realization that she was worshipping God in the same place where Christians have worshipped for hundreds of years, were not lost on my dear girl. What a gift!

I am so glad my girl is home. I am so grateful she is back with me. But in my gratitude, I am also sad. My baby bird spread her wings. She flew and soared, across an ocean and back again. But her days in our nest are becoming fewer and fewer. Someday, not too far from now, my starling will leave the nest for good, off to pursue her own adventures, realizing whatever dreams that God has planted in her.

But for now, I am grateful she is here. Thank you Lord.


Sonia said...

Rejoicing with you this morning that she is home. The days are fleeting, you are right about that. Make the most of them! It sounds like you really are. And I love the pictures!

jcrowe said...

We loved all your wonderful comments of love and gratitude for the precious daughter the Lord has given you. We feel the same way about the wonderful daughter the Lord gave us over 41 years ago.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Sivje... you must be a wonderful Mom... even though it's hard to let her go... you desire a life of growth and great things for her... she is rounding the corner to becoming not only your daughter but one of your very best friends. It is an exciting place to be with our daughters, enjoy! By the way, I love the red boots, very cute! Juana in Oregon

MamaOfTwo said...

What a warm post, Sivje. I could definitely feel your Mama's heart seeping out of every word.

You have a beautiful family.


Renee said...

That was written with so much beauty I felt like I was there with her. :) and I so undertand your feelings as she spreads her wings. I too have watched Kevin starting to fly out of my nest with a little more confindence each time and while it makes me extremely proud, it saddnes me at the same time. But then God reminds me that he was/is his child first and I must allow him the growth so he continues on the path that God has chosen for him. P.S. I loved the outfit Ahnalin had cute!

Heather Henderson said...

Woo Hoo She's home and in one piece! Her pictures are beautiful!

Laura L. said...

Oh how fun that you left a comment on my blog. I just came to yours because I saw you'd posted on Laura G's.
So glad that India had a great trip. It's both wonderful and a bit sad too when they do begin to spread their wings. But their adult stage is very sweet as well, I've learned.

Looks like Ireland was so beautiful. How wonderful that she had that opportunity.
Can't imagine how proud you must be of her to have taken such good care of herself with the insulin and all while away. You're a brave mom too!
Bryan just returned from Scotland/England. A great trip for him as well.

Have a great week, Sivje!

April said...

Hey! I want your background!!! Who does your blog design?