Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plan C or the Totally Cheater Easter Outfit

Well, last year, I smocked Ahnalin a beautiful pink pique dress with chocolate bunnies for Easter. It won a blue ribbon at the fair last year. Good for me. So, I started to smock her dress for this Easter, several weeks ago. Then we had one disaster after another, some merely minor and annoying, and some a bit more challenging. So, suffice it to say, THE Easter Dress (Plan A) did not get done. So, because my pride can not fall too far, I cut out another dress that should have gone together easily, (Plan B), however I was not satisfied with any trim choices I had and could not find any that would work in the few places I found to look on my miniscule budget. Then on Thursday, I had my wonderful, exciting, and much-longed-for oral surgery. True, I did try to smock while under general anesthesia (not kidding here!) but I finally conceded defeat.

So, here it is........Plan C. I had purchased a few cheapo t-shirts from a cheapo place and pulled one out to embellish with some of the neato trims I have and a cute embroidery design I fell in love with. The design is from the Martha Pullen Internet Embroidery Club 2009. I love how these stitch up.

The skirt is a free pattern from Oliver & S called the "Lazy Days Skirt" . You can download the pattern from the blog. It goes together super quick and uses very little fabric. I used only 15" length of fabric and used wide ribbon for the waist casing.

I had planned on embellishing some socks and her hat, but Don told me I could not sew after the services tonight. I am supposed to be asleep right now, but, heehee, I am bloggin'!

Ok, I didn't make the shoes, but they are so stinkin' cute that I had to show them.

Ok, I am going to bed now. It is before midnight, early for me. But, we have to be up at 5:00AM to get ready for church.

Tomorrow is Easter!!!!! I LOVE EASTER!!!!!

Ok, I admit it, Easter is NOT about the outfit. I know it. It is really about how Jesus chose to give His own life so that I do not have to die as a result of my own sins, failures, and bad choices. And I get to celebrate Easter openly, with other believers in Jesus, and our family.

Thank you Jesus.

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shaninvb said...

Love the outfit! You are truly talented! man Sivje you look so young to have a teenager! India sure looks like her mom....did you figure out the map? Which one did you like the one at the bottom of my screen or the one near the top side? Let me know and i can help you. They are a lot of fun.