Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mom is ok!

Well, thank you for the prayers. My Mommy is ok, home from the hospital, and hopefully being obedient. She is going to be a good girl and not work all kinds of crazy hours and hopefully allow Don to do some of the work for her. She just works too hard and her little body needs more rest than she gives it.

She and Daddy are coming over on Saturday and Sunday for a visit. I am singing a lot this weekend, and so I was able to talk them into coming. And then after 3rd service on Sunday, Ahnalin and I are jumping in the car with them and going to Monterey for a few days!!!! Yeah, I invited us on their little romantic getaway, and they said ok! YIPPY!!!! I NEED some ocean air! It is supposed to be in the 50s and raining the whole time, but that is fine with me. Life has been so crazy nuts lately that I just really need some time away, a change of scenery, and fun with my Mommy and Daddy. Ahnalin thinks she is going to wear her swimsuit and swim in the ocean. Yeah right. She will freeze her buns off, but will probably want to try it anyway. I am going to take some smocking to do in the car. Yeah, that's right. I am still not done with Ahnalin's Easter dress and Easter is just next week. I had better get busy!

But I am just so very grateful that my mom is ok. I praise God for letting us keep her!


Jen said...

praise God your mom is OK!
I haven't started Olivia's Easter dress by the way....

Sonia said...

Praising Him with you for this good news!