Thursday, April 9, 2009

Praise God for General Anesthesia and Dr. Leighty!!

Yes my friends! The offending tooth is gone! I am still under the loopy influence of general anesthesia, but I am not in any pain. WOOHOO!!!! The tooth is gone, and I am back on antibiotics and pain meds. Hopefully the swelling will not be too bad. I am going to sleep this off now and hopefully be in good form to sing at dress rehearsal tonight. I do not want to miss rehearsal. I LOVE to sing and so it is very hard for me to concede illness or defeat. Therfore, I will be a good girl and go rest. Hopefully, Ahnalin will chill out and take a nice long nap with me. When she worries about me, her anxiety kicks in badly and she gets mean and demanding. I know it is out of fear, but it sure is hard on me. So please pray that she is calm and gives me a break.

And yes, I may not have the time and energy to complete a new dress for Ahnalin for Easter. I can hardly believe I am even thinking this, but my child may have to wear a dress that she has worn before!!!! Of course, she will still be wearing a dress I have made, my pride can only cave so much. Ok, it is not like she NEEDS another new dress. But I love to make them so much, and she is so proud that her mama makes her pretties. But I just may have to get more rest for a few days if I am going to have the stamina to sing. Yeah, it is a pride thing with me. sad....

Anyway, I am going to take me, my vicodin, and my 4 year old to take a nap. Thank you all for your prayers.

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