Monday, April 20, 2009

Fastest Birthday Present in the West!

Ahnalin was invited to a birthday party on Saturday and asked me to make her little friend Sarah a skirt. This is another one made from the Oliver & S Lazy Days skirt pattern that is free on the web. This little skirt took me 30 minutes from start to finish and was made from 16 inches of fabric, 18" of elastic, 1 1/4 yards of bias tape and the same amount of rickrack. Since I had it all in my stash, this present was a much better bargain than purchasing a gift. Ahnalin LOVES it when I make presents for her friends. I think it gives her bragging rights at preschool when her friends wear them! HEEHEE!

And, to be quite honest, this is a very frugal gift. I did not have to spend money driving to a store, and did not purchase anything that will get easily broken. Because everything came out of my huge fabric and notions stash, all this cost me was labor. Good deal!

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Christine said...

My daughter loves when I sew things for her friends too. I think it will break my heart when she gets to the age where homemade is uncool.