Monday, April 27, 2009

India, her Dream Dress and her Dream Date for Prom!

Now I am finally posting pictures of my beautiful daughter India in her dress. Pardon me a bit while I dab a few tears from my eyes. How is it possible that my little girl just went to her junior prom? Excuse me, but she is a baby! Right? I mean the whole going to Ireland trip was one thing, but junior prom? And don't even try to tell me that she will be turning 18 in 5 months! No!

Ok, deep breathing.... whew.....

The theme of the prom this year was "Casino Royale". It was held at the Miner's Foundry in Nevada City, walking distance from Friar Tucks, the restaurant where Kevin took India for dinner. However, Kevin drove India in his blue truck. Kevin looked very handsome in his tuxedo.

Here is my lovely girl.

India wore jewelry given to her by her Auntie DiAnna and her Nana, and the beaded purse was from her Grandma Barbara.

Ahnalin was sad that she did not get to go to the prom as well. But she thought her Dida looked like a real princess.

Kevin brought India a beautiful wrist corsage. He remembered that yellow roses are India's favorite flower.

They arrived home before midnight, and as far as I know, Kevin's blue truck did not turn back into a pumpkin....sorry, bizarre reference to Cinderella....

India came home very dreamy, happy, and tired. It was a perfect night.


Kana Rauton Clark said...

You've done a lovely job, the dress is beautiful, and it is so heartwarming to see a young lady have a desire for such a modest dress rather than the stuff they have in the stores now. So, that shows that, Mama, you also have done a wonderful job with her!

India and her date looked just beautiful together, and I love that his truck matched her dress. That's just too cute!

Congrats on a job well done, and go ahead and put your feet up for a while now! You deserve it!

Kana Clark (KanaClark on sewing mamas)

Meghan said...

Just beautiful! What an awesome job!
Meghan (meghpie on SM)

MommytoAJ said...

I'm teary eyed just looking at them - she looks beautiful and is so lucky to have a mom that can make something so breathtaking from an idea that her daughter had in her mind... they look so cute together - good job mom on the dress and raising such a great girl! Be proud! Lisa (angelvanilla on SM)

Amy said...

You did a wonderful job on the dress!
Such wonderful memories for your daughter and for you!
I still have the prom dress my mom made for me to wear to my Sr.Prom...the most amazing part is that I only decided to go to the prom THREE (3) days before! Talk about a sewing marathon!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Terry said...

So beautiful! and I hate to say it, but time flys so quickly. before you know it, you'll be sewing her wedding all goes so fast...I know!

Martha said...

How beautiful. And they look so excited. Yes mom they grow up fast. You did a great job and it sounds like she had fun.

MamaOfTwo said...

So, so pretty. The dress AND your daughter! Beautiful work. A definite labor of love.

Sounds like Prom night was perfect.


Anonymous said...

Sivje, How beautiful she looks! Just stunning in that awesome gown, and she LOOKS like she feels pretty (as she should)! This is like a wonderful story that should be told, and I'm privileged to be part of the blog readership blessed to enjoy it.
Karen in FL

Bunny said...

Sivje, she is beautiful and that gown is so pretty. You did a fabulous job on it, fabulous! Kevin is a very good looking young man in a Kurt Russell sort of way, a doll. What memories you two have built.

EverythingIveGot said...

Remarkable work and a completely adorable couple!
Congrats to a job well done!

Laura L. said...

These are wonderful photos of her with her dream date on her dream night.

The dress is beautiful. I was shocked to see that it is all done. It seems like just yesterday that I was checking out how you were sewing it. So beautiful. Congratulations on making such a nice dress.

India looked great. Love her dream dress, and the accessories that she chose.

Bryan will be going to prom in a couple of weeks. I was thinking about how easy it is for us to just rent the tux and buy flowers for his date.
After two girls and proms, this seems so easy.

Sonia said...


It's just gorgeous. The whole thing I mean. The dress, your daughter, the whole story about the prom. You did a beautiful job with the dress, but most importantly with your daughter. What a blessing for you to share with us. Thanks!


LAnderson said...

Over the top GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Hey, go to my blog - I just nominated you for the Attitude of Graditude Award!

April said...

That's so neat, Sivje! What a special memory India will have!

rufflebunnies said...

I can't believe India is so grown up!! How lovely she is in that beautiful dress!!!

jona said...

Amazing!! Oh my goodness you did a fabulous job! I admire you so much for taking on such a big project and putting such beautiful details into it. She really does look like Cinderella and he certainly looks charming!