Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're Going to Disneyland!!

The long awaited Disneyland vacation is just 24 hours away!

Ahnalin HAD to have a Dumbo dress.

After all, Dumbo is "Our" movie.

And of course, it had to be a "twirly" dress.

And she loves it!

The pattern was a cross between my old standby sundress pattern, 
Butterick 4715
The fabric was a multicolored cotton seersucker stripe
and the appliques are all colors of Kona Cotton.
The cotton rickrack is vintage and the package was labled
"35 cents".

I love this Dumbo!

I know she says it out of love, but Ahnalin
tells me I am "just like Dumbo's Mama!"
I am not sure if she means I look like an elephant, 
or I am crazy and should be locked up. 
I THINK it is that I sing "Baby Mine" to her.

Isn't Timothy Mouse adorable?

This little romper was vintage Daisy Kingdom fabric and
vintage rickrack.

The pattern was vintage too,  McCall's 8743,  and a size 5 was 
WAYYYYYYY  too short in the rise for my girl! 
So, instead of buttons and buttonholes,
I added wide ribbon for bows. 
This gave Ahnalin the needed length in the torso.

I am not crazy about this little outfit but
she loves it.
It has hidden side seam pockets, 
which she will likely fill with rocks as usual.

And then, of course, she NEEDED a Minnie Mouse outfit.

She requested I use Bonnie Blue "Hallie" as the pattern

Red is her favorite color now.
She told me that "Pink is in the dumps".


She told me that she NEEDED a picture 
of Minnie Mouse on the front with her next to her
and we found this design!

I just changed the colors of the fabrics and threads
and "Voila!"

I think she was tired of me taking pics at this point!

I had intended to make a Snow White outfit for her 
too, but after I got sick I decided that her "Alice"
costume from last Halloween would suffice.

And remember her "not scary pirate" outfit from 
Kindergarten Pirate Day?
Yeah, we are going to call that a Disney outfit too. 
Ok, I know I am cheating, but 
really the kid has more clothes than I do!

And for India......

I made her a t-shirt with Minnie Mouse in a 
graduation cap. 

Yep. That's it.

But she is going to wear capri jeans and Alice in Wonderland t-shirts.

She is taking some of her sundresses I have made, but
poor kid is so ignored by her seamstress mama.

Well, I suppose she could take a ball gown or two.....

Oh, and Ahnalin wanted to take her favorite sweater
for the evenings, but the neck had ripped out.

So, I repaired the neckline with some Michael Miller
polka dot bias tape. 

Perfect fix!

That is all for now.
I have to get back to packing and cleaning.
We leave in the morning.
India has a hospital appt. at U.C. Davis and then we head South!

Next post will be from Disneyland!!!!!!!

Please continue praying that I get well.
I am doing well but still so surprised at how tired and 
worn out I am. 
Please pray that India stays
well on the trip.

Thank you all!!!


ShirleyC said...

Wow! I can't believe you got so much done as sick as you've been. What we do for our kids!
Everything is just darling, and I do love the Dumbo outfit. I'm glad you were able to save the Daisy Kingdom outfit. It looks fine with the ribbons.
I hope you all have a wonderful trip.

Mirm said...

Hey Parrish fam! Have fun! We live about 5 miles from Mickey's house and watch the fireworks from our backyard every night!
Blessings - Miriam Mohler

Beth Barcellos Bell said...

Wow, Sivje----loved your "fashion show".....the outfits are adorable, and beautifully done. Praying you get well and that you all have a great vacation!

Ellie Inspired said...

Forget the Cubs game, Sivje, I want to come with YOU to Disneyland!!! The Dumbo dress turned out SOOO cute as did everything else. And aren't you clever to fix her sweater that way? I'm still praying for you to start feeling better so you can enjoy your trip! Have a fun time, my friend! (Are you sure I couldn't just sneak into a suitcase or something? ha!)

C.C. Almon said...

You are so amazing Sivje! Can I move in with you & let you sew for me & Damaris?

MamaOfTwo said...

Your Disney clothes inspires me. They are just TOO, TOO wonderful! Ahnalin looks adorable in them! I can already hear prople around you in the park saying, "Awwww! Look at that dress!" And, of course, what could be better than a family Disney vacation with Disney outfits!!! :)

Enjoy your time away. Will pray you continue to get well and that India stays healthy during your trip. Have a blast creating special memories together as a family in a wonderful place!


Debby said...

I hope you are feeling better. I found after my recent illness that the heat is not my friend....so be very careful.
YOu know that you will be having people stop you and ask where you got those adorable outfits....take your business cards....they are adorable.
Minnie is my favorite character. I love the Dumbo ride. When I was on it with one of my favorite little girls, out walked Snow White followed by her Seven. I couldn't get a picture but I was so excited.
And I will be 60 soon, hah. I wore light up Mickey Ears at the park. Have a great time.....I love Disney.

Kelly said...

The outfits are all beautiful! I hope ya'll have a wonderful trip!

Desiree' said...

You are so beyond talented!! Love the Dumbo dress!!

Martha said...

If you get this much done while you are sick, you are a force to be reckoned with! Love all of Disney wear but I think Minnie Mouse may be my favorite. LOVE the fix for her sweater, I would never have thought of that. Hope you are feeling better and India does stay well.Have fun.

Rettabug said...

Knee-mails going up for you to heal completely & get to enjoy this MUCH DESERVED vacation, Goose!

All these outfits for Ms. A. are just super-D-duper! Love each one for it unique characteristics.

Oh & Ms. C. collects rocks, too! She is FOREVER filling up MY pockets with treasured lucky stones or pretty pink ones.
LOL at "pink is in the dumps" :-)

Take it easy & get some rest. That whole family needs you to be well.

Have a Happy 4th of July!
The Gazebo House

Wendy said...

Have a great time at Disney, the outfits are GORGEOUS!!

reimaginedtreasures.blogspot.com said...

Amazing, Sivje, what you did while feeling sick. Grace and perseverance!? My favorite is the minnie mouse outfit, and I love that you found that embroidery! Hope you all are haveing a grand time! xoxo p.s. I am officially working the coffee bar at church now! at least until my surgery in August.

6blessings said...

LOVE the outfits!! Too cute!! Glad you're doing better-cellulitis can really wipe you out. Have an awesome vacation.

Anna said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile but have never commented.

I love those outfits especially the Dumbo dress! You make me want to improve my sewing skills.

Karin said...

i loves it, your sewing is perfek!!!!
the dumbo dress ist so sweet.

greetings karin