Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Totally Swamped!

Hi Bloggy Friends.
  I am still here! Really! 
I know I have been wayyyyyyy behind on all my blogging promises 
and I am still working on them. 
This is my sewing table right now!

I have the tutorial for India's satin drawstring bag almost done but forgot a few key photos, so I need to do those. And I am working on a dress for myself and will photograph the prickstitched zipper process when I do it. And I have to make both India's and Ahnalin's graduation dresses. 
India's will be out of this white embroidered batiste.

And Ahnalin's will be out of this Beatrix Potter fabric
that I got on clearance at my favorite fabric store. I can't get it to
rotate but the designs are from Ahnalin's favorite stories.

Did I mention that India is graduating from high school on June 12? 
Well, we are having a party for her that afternoon and I still have to get the invitations in the mail. I sent out E-vites but a bunch of the email addresses bounced back so I feel like a total ding-dong. I need to get those corrected and then send them out again. India has big dreams of Alice in Wonderland decorations and I want to do that for her but I am struggling to just keep my head above water right now. So, my guess is that her party will just resemble a yummy summer bar-b-q instead of the party of her dreams.

In addition to all this stuff, I am working on details for getting my patterns listed
at some new-to-me online stores. So soon,
you will have a a few new options for purchasing my patterns.

Last week, India was in her final choir concert of her high school career.
There is still the Chamber Choir Dessert Concert which 
is Friday, but this picture was taken at the last concert 
of the Concert Choir along with all the other choirs.
India is in one of the black dresses in the center. 

Ahnalin was in a cranky mood and Don and I realized that this would be
our last chance to hear the entire concert without having 
to chase down Ahnalin. 
So, she stayed home with Nana and Papa and Don and I got 
to listen to the whole concert! 
It was wonderful!
The choirs are so good and the music was lovely.

And this was Ahnalin last week.
Yes, the end of May and Ahnalin was wearing her coat,
because it was cold and rainy but there were blossoms on the trees.

We noticed that she had picked off most of the blossoms within her reach on the 
tree because she uses them for little displays all over the house and yard.

So, hopefully in the next day or so, I can show you my new dress
and at least a few other things. 

I am sorry I have been soooooo remiss in posting.
If you have a spare prayer, please send some my way.
My migraines have been brutal lately and they are interfering 
with my productivity.

Love to you all!
Thank you for your wonderful comments on the Bollywood Ball Gown posts.
You all are so encouraging to me.
Happy Sewing!


Rebecca said...

Your talent amazes me. Seeing your girl in choir brought back wonderful memories of my girl...sniff. Growed :) up too fast!


Tabitha said...

Ah I can't wait to see what you create next...please feel better and I look forward to your next post!!

Jessica said...

It is so amazing you are making the girl's dresses for everything, no wonder you are swamped. Maybe she would be happy with a toned down Alice in Wonderland theme? There is some stuff you can do that wouldn't take too much time . . . playing cards are fun ;)

Julia said...

I've been remiss in my commenting lately. I can't believe your girls are both graduating! Congrats to India, especially. Every ending is a new beginning, so she has so many new things to look forward to in her life.

Ellie Inspired said...

Sivje, sending prayers your way! It's not fun to be swamped especially when you're not feeling well either. I know that you will get everything done in time and it will be beautiful. Wish I could sew a few stitches for you!

Laura L. said...

Yay, India is graduating! AND Ahnalin is graduating too. That's what's happening at our house too. :)

Her ball gown looked beautiful in the previous post, and so did she.
Sorry, but I'm still catching up on blogs. :)
Congratulations to your girls!