Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess what I am working on!

So, guess what I am working on now. 

Well.......we leave for Disneyland in 12 days!!

So, this is the beginnings of Ahnalin's Dumbo outfit.

Dumbo is Ahnalin's favorite movie. 
Ahnalin relates a lot to Dumbo, 
and "her" song is "Baby Mine."
I have sung that song to her every day since she was placed in my arms.

So, I had better get back to sewing. 
Much to sew in just 12 days.
After this one is done.....her Snow White outfit will be on the machine!

Happy Sewing!


organicmommy said...

Your girls are so lucky to have you. I hope my kids feel so lucky when I make them the things they ask for!

Ellie Inspired said...

Most people make the customary Cinderella dress when they go to Disney. Not Sivje!!! You make a Dumbo dress!! I am DYING to see what it is going to look like! You are so fun.

Laura L. said...

My kids have always loved that movie, and we've had it since the big kids were little.
Jadyn enjoys it now.
I'll be interested to see how the Dumbo outfit turns out.

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Aww I don't think I could sing that song! It makes me cry in the movie! I cannot wait to see what you make!