Friday, June 11, 2010

A Gift from Karin!

A package arrived from Germany!
And Ahnalin is one happy girl!
Karin is an amazingly gifted
designer and seamstress.

I love her patterns!!
She has 6 pattern ebooks and the Viola is now in English!
She also sells garments she has sewn on her website.

(Hm..same pose for Ahnalin!)

Remember this dress? 
The Viola is one of Karin's patterns
and I was so excited to sew this.
Ahnalin is crazy about it!

And look what else was in the package!!!!

Farbenmix Ribbon!!! I have always 
wanted some but never had it before. 

And the gummies!!
Gummies from Germany are the best in the whole world!!

Thank you so much Karin!
I love it all!!

I am so sorry I am so behind on my blog.
India graduates in the morning and this last few weeks 
have been completely crazy. 
I have lots of pictures to upload and 
India's graduation dress and Ahnalin's pirate day to show you. 
Still working on those tutorials when I have a few moments as well

My first baby graduates at 9:00 AM Pacific time and then we will have our
big celebration party at the house. 
We are so proud of our girls!!

Thank you all for your kind encouragement and prayers for my family.
I KNOW that your prayers helped to get our India through this year. 
I am so very grateful. 



~* Aria *~ said...

Congrats to India! Graduation for the school in town was tonight. Lots of partying happening right now.

Ahnalin is so adorable!

Foreign gummies are usually better because they are made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

So adorable!! Congrats on India graduating first graduates in two years...amazing!

Smocking with Gwen said...

Those little outfits are really cute. Would love the link to Karin's website....didn't see it here but will look again. I agree that German gummies are the BEST! I remember seeing the Farbenmix Ribbon when we lived in Germany....are they available in the US?

Sivje...Glad to see your staying busy. I think this month I'll need to dust my sewing hasn't seen much action.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to India!

What a nice thing for Karin to do---goodies are so fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bunny said...

Congratulations to India! I am sure it will be a joyous day for everyone. Maybe Momma can take a breather once graduation is over with???