Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Dresses For Me And For Ahnalin

Busy Busy!

I have had hardly any time to sew,
but I have been squeezing in time when I could grab it!

With India's high school graduation on this coming Saturday,
and Ahnalin's kindergarten graduation on this coming Thursday,
there are been many, many different obligations that must be met.

However, with these impending celebrations,
new dresses are a necessity.
Now, I know that many sensible, normal, intelligent people
would say that a new dress is not really a need.

To that, I say
(That is me sticking out my tongue!)

I mean, what is sleep compared to a new dress?


Ahnalin has recently become complete obsessed
with Beatrix Potter books.

She LOVES them with a passion that is so sweet to see.

So when I found this darling fabric on the clearance rack of my
favorite fabric store,
I had to buy it.

Then I remembered the Beatrix Potter buttons I had been
hoarding for nearly 20 years!
They were PERFECT!!

I used the Natalie pattern from
Olabelhe and added some darling vintage cotton rickrack
and new yellow cluny lace.

She loves it!

And for me,

Be kind.
This is making me nervous.

You see, I have not made a dress for myself in many, many Pounds years.

I will just be honest and say that it was MUCH easier to sew
for myself before I was so, er,

So, I used Vogue V8469 and finally cut into some long hoarded
and much petted Amy Butler "Gypsy Caravan" fabric that I adore.
Let's just say that next time I make this dress,
I will make it at least 1 size smaller,
with no sleeves, and a tad longer.

I should have made a muslin.
Yeah, I know.
I do it for all of India's dresses,
and most of the custom work I do.
But I just cut directly into my gorgeous fabric and when I realized
how big the pattern was, I just had to make it work.
I could take in the side seams but the neck was just too big.
So I had to take several tucks all around the neckline in front and back.

Those tucks are no where to be found in the original pattern.
Yeah, next time I make a smaller size.
And the zipper,
well, I prick stitched it.
And yes, I took pictures, so the tutorial is forthcoming.

I am just so rotten at taking good pictures, that I am
struggling with getting a good shot of the actual stitches.
It is coming though.

So, I do have to say that I really did like how this pattern
went together. I fully lined it and there is not a
visible seam anywhere.
I SHOULD have made a muslin, I know I already said that.
But when I make this pattern again,
and I will, I know what to change.

I have to say, that I am actually pretty proud of myself for
making a dress for me and wearing it.
I used to do that all the time before kids. All the time.
I hope that the next dress I make for myself will not have to
cover as much me.
I have NO excuses.

Anyway, we are out the door now to Baccalaureate and I have
TONS of sewing to do when I get home.
Next up, besides the tutorials I have to finish,
is India's graduation dress,
and a pirate costume for Ahnalin's pirate day on Tuesday.

Happy Sunday.


Melinda Cornish said...

both dresses and both girls look sew the most beautiful garments...I am envious.

Meredith said...

Beautiful new dresses for you and Anhalin. Congratulations to both your girls! Meredith

Kelly said...

I love them both!

Especially the extra details you put into Anhalin's dress. I was hoping you would do that pattern soon so I could see your take on it. ;)

I'm working on a shirt and dress for myself, but they keep taking back burner to little people.

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Anhalin's dress is so pretty! That is my favorite Olabelhe pattern! And you look great in your dress! Very pretty indeed!

Smocking with Gwen said...

LOL Sivje!!!! I think I have saved those same buttons for 20 years!!! Where did you find yellow cluny lace? So glad SOMEONE is finding time to sew...I would have to do major clean up in my sewing "room" to even think about starting a project. Daughter and grands are here for another day or so....maybe later this week. I REALLY need to get busy!
Happy Smocking....sewing!

Anonymous said...

babe, everything is perfect as usual but I still want you to start taking much better care of yourself with MORE SLEEP!!!! See you Sat. and tons of love from us

Julia said...

You sound just like me. I do not sew for myself anymore. One reason is that I am afraid of not being able to fit my, as you called them, curves. You look amazing, though, so maybe I could try it. With 5 grands and 2 more on the way, though, I don't seem to have time for myself in the way of sewing.
Ahnalin's dress is adorable. Great buttons!

~* Aria *~ said...

I love Beatrix Potter sooooo much. Great job!

April said...

Lovely! I adore that you made something for yourself, too! :)

Julia said...

Check out my new blog that I posted about and linked to on my blog today. It's called Baby Girl's Observations and will be ramblings and therapy for me concerning my mom.

Anonymous said...

Love the dresses. When I did Alyssa's dresses recently, it was the first time I had ever had a pattern call for a lining. I loved it. My next thing to learn is how to adjust the patterns to fit her.

Wendy said...

I love your dress, you look fabulous!!

Great job on both dresses!

Stephanie said...

Every little girl needs a dress like this! Precious!

Victoria said...

All the dresses a beautiful, such great detail work, very nice. Look forward to seeing more, love to see what clothing others are making. Glad you hung on to those buttons. Thanks for posting!

Naomi said...

Oh so gorgeous you all look!!! And do I love the Beatrix Potter dress being that we lived in her beautiful land for a time...... oh so adorable!!! You could fully make themed dresses!!! You are so talented!

Myra said...

Very nice dresses!!! I love them on both of you! Nice detail and fabric! Glad you were able to make yours work!!