Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Time Dress for Fabrics on Mill St.

I LOVE THIS DRESS!! This is the Tea Time Dress that I made up as a sample for my favorite fabrics Store. Fabrics on Mill Street is a wonderful store! The store is owned and run by two crafty sisters and one of their daughters/nieces. I get into big trouble in this store. BIG TROUBLE! So, in an effort to be a good girl, I offered to sew up a sample of this dress so I could try out the pattern and get to sew on some yummy new fabric. I love how it turned out. Ahnalin was not thrilled to see this walk out the door, but it will be hers someday.


Sonia said...

I LOVE IT!! I love the fabric. It looks eclectic and soft and feminine at the same time. Cool! Care to share the pattern info and fabric info? Your sewing truly looks professional. Hope to get there one day!

Goosegirl said...

Sonia, the pattern is by Indygo Junction and is called the TeaTime dress. It is a "boutique" style pattern so pricey, but also has a coat in the pattern. I am going to make that next. The fabric is "Feathered Friends" from "In The Beginning" which is a quilting fabric company. The dress is pretty simple to do but so sweet and twirly.
Thank you for the compliment. I love to sew and am pretty darn picky with my work. I think your sewing looks great too!

Heather Henderson said...

Sivje! That dress is soooooo darn cute! Yup, that is the coolest fabric. Love you!