Saturday, March 7, 2009

Springing forward with the Hot Rockin Hubby!

Since it is time to "Spring Forward" I am thinking it is probably time for me to head to bed. Tomorrow morning, Sunday, March 8, Don and I have to be at church at our usual arrival time of 6:30 AM for rehearsals before the church services. But the fun, awesome, wonderful, and exciting news is that Don will be singing one of the songs he wrote, called "The Man in my Head". I love this song and think he sings it so well. My hubby is so talented and writes so well. Of course, he is also the hottest guitar player in the state of California, so that does not need to be restated (though I did it anyway!)

But then in the afternoon, his new band "Piebald Lies" will be playing at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City, at 3:00 PM. I think they are doing mostly rock and blues cover tunes there. Not sure what they are playing, but I know it will be good. And if you happen to head over there, just remember that the hot rockin guitar player is taken!

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