Wednesday, March 18, 2009

India is in the hospital

Please pray for my sweet India. We rushed her to the E.R. this morning in horrible pain and did not know what was causing it. Many hours later we learned that a large ovarian cyst had ruptured and she was bleeding internally. Thankfully, her blood sugars stayed pretty well in range so we did not have a compounded problem. We are praying that the bleeding stops so that she can avoid surgery. She is on super strong pain meds and they are not doing much to stop the pain, and she is afraid of them anyway. We are praying she can come home Thursday. She is to leave for her Chamber Choir Ireland tour on April 1st and has been looking forward to this trip for over a year. She raised much of the money for it and is worried she may not get to go. The doctors think she should be ok by then but I am nervous about it.

And because of this, Christian and Chelle graciously offered to reschedule Cherish Noel's baby dedication until a later date so we could all travel and be healthy and relaxed. I am so very sad to not be going on this trip. I was so looking forward to holding that precious beautiful baby. I miss the smell of new baby heads, and squishy baby thighs. I was pretty desperate for a little getaway, doing anything but the same ol' same ol' I have been doing for months. I was hoping to do a bit of fabric and trim dreaming at a cool store in Phoenix. And I wanted to give Cherish some outfits I had made for her. So I am totally feeling sorry for myself here. And all the while my sweet firstborn is hurting in the hospital.

I was with her all day until about 8:00PM and then Don sent me home to be with Ahnalin. Nana was so wonderful to keep her busy all day but Ahnalin had had it and needed her mama. So Daddy is staying at the hospital with India. I am supposed to be asleep now, but I am awake. I am praying that my India will be healed and be able to come home tomorrow. I am so proud of how strong my India is. She is an amazing girl. But sometimes I just want to scream about how unfair it is that one beautiful teenaged girl has to suffer so much. It seems she rarely gets a break.

So, once again, I am asking for prayer. Please pray that God would heal my precious daughter. And selfishly, I am asking for prayer for some rest and strength for me, and for Don. God is good. Yes, I know that. But I am down and sad and just want my girl to be well.

In His Grace,


Tiffany said...

MAN!!!!! I am so sorry, Sivje! I know you are disappointed and I have no sage words of wisdom...just know that I am disappointed FOR you! Praying for sweet India and hoping the pain eases off and she bounces right back. Poor baby!Darnit! Shucks! (I am saying all my "bad" words in sympathy for you!)


Simone said...

We will be praying for complete healing of her body. She has things to do and places to go, no time for this junk! Please update as soon as you know anything! Thanks! Love u guys.