Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad Blogger! (or tale of the tooth)

Ok, Yeah, I know. I am a rotten blogger. I have not been feeling great with my stupid tooth that got infected and am now on the second round of antibiotics for the dumb thing before I can get it worked on. I think I terrifed the dentist on Friday when I went in to have the nerve killed. But my cheek muscles started to spasm and my jaw started clenching involuntarily so she could not get me numb. The penicillin I had been on had not worked and the infection on my jaw was worse. SO, she put me on Sefton which I know works for me, and we rescheduled for later in the month. UGH! This thing hurts!!! Oh, she also refilled my vicodin prescription. That helped, but I am trying not to take them unless I really need them.

India is finally finished with her antibiotics and has her voice back. Ahnalin is on antibiotics and no longer vomiting or having bowel issues. I think we are all rejoining the land of the living.

I am busily sewing, trying to finish up some customs and get things done for Ahnalin to wear in Phoenix. I am going to put up some pictures later today.

Please continue to pray for health for my family.

More later.