Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break In Anaheim!

Yes! We got to go to Anaheim to be with 

This picture was taken as we surprised her 
when she opened the door to her apartment 
last week.

What JOY!!

But let me go back a bit.....

The original plan was that on Saturday,
Don was to drive Ahnalin and me 
to meet up with my parents further 
down the freeway.

However, on St. Patrick's Day, as I was
preparing our Corned Beef dinner,
my mom called and said that if they didn't
come that day, they would be stuck on the 
other side of the mountains. 
Highway 80 had been closed off an on due 
to snowstorms and another several feet of 
snow was expected.

And since India had been really sick with 
another infection, this mama wanted to get 
to her baby!!!
So we left Friday!
After we got to her apartment,
we whisked her away to a fabulous meal at Subway!

After dinner, we took her back 
to her apartment and then drove
to our cousins Jana's and Marlyn's
houses, where we got to stay.

On Saturday, my mom, Jana, Marlyn and Ahnalin
went shopping for enchilada fixins because
India had requested them, yet again.
So, I cooked up a double batch and then we
drove back up to disneyland to collect our girl!
She got off work and arrived in the parking lot in 
her Fantasyland costume!
She is so darling!

She was so happy to have Mama's enchiladas.
And we had such a great time with the cousins too.
India got to stay the night at Jana's house with us
and then we got to take her to work on Sunday morning.

We just hung out together in Downtown Disney
until India had to go to work. 
It wasn't raining yet, but it rained most 
of the day and actually most of the time 
we were there!

Ahnalin did not want to leave India there
to work, but we had to.

On Monday, Ahnalin and I spent time with 
Jana and my parents went to 
the Reagan Library and Ikea
and some other places. 
Oh, and I bought some super attractive
pink rain ponchos and umbrellas from 
that ultra classy couture boutique, Walmart.

Tuesday morning, we picked up India at her apartment
and headed to Disneyland.
She had to work in the afternoon, but
we got to spend the whole morning
and early afternoon with her!
She had lots of fun things to share
with us and we were so happy 
to be together!

My parents had not been to Disneyland
since they last took my brother and me
in the early 80s, so they had never
seen Disney's California Adventure Park.
So we visited there first.
We took them to the Aladdin musical
and on many attractions, including
Soaring Over California, which they loved.

I had NEVER NEVER seen California Adventure as crowded
as it was last week. Apparently everyone
in the entire world decided they needed to 
go to the Park at the same time!
So, we stood in lots of lines for long long times!

And then we had to let India go to work. 
So, she ran backstage and got into
her costume and we headed to the 
Storybook Land Canal Boats.
I got this picture just as she realized we were 
in line to ride her boat!

Ahnalin was SO PROUD to ride the boat
as her sister gave the tour spiel.
I tried to record it, 
but both my camera battery and phone battery
died at the same time!!

But I will tell you that India does a really

wonderful tour and I was 
so proud of my girl.

After that ride, we went on 
a few more rides and got some food
and then my parents took Ahnalin
back to the hotel to go to sleep. 
Then the park loudspeaker announced
that the park hours were to be extended to midnight.
So, India had to work until nearly 1:00AM.
I was awarded a very rare treat!
I got to wander Disneyland by myself
until closing!
I saw World Of Color and then looked

in all the galleries and gift shops.
Then I went back on the Storybook ride 
by myself and all the rides in Fantasyland.
It was great!
When India got off work, we walked back to the hotel
and just chatted.

Wednesday morning, India and Ahnalin and I 
went to the Park and got our favorite
cinnamon roles on Main Street.
India had wednesday off so we had
the whole day with her!

We got to meet Winnie The Pooh!


Alice and the Mad Hatter!

And yes, we waited 45 minutes in line to meet
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!!
And Flynn really does have the tiara
in his satchel!

We went on a bunch more rides and then
went to Cafe Orleans for Pomme Frites!
We sat outside half under the canapy
and half out.
But the rain decided to show up at this point,
so I was instantly soaked!

So, we donned our super trendy pink ponchos,
opened our polka dot umbrellas
and headed to the Tiki Room for Dole Pineapple whip!

We rode as many more rides 
as we could before the rain got so nasty 
that my parents came to pick us up.

I requested my mom capture this picture of us

because I thought it was too funny to forget!
It reminds me of our first trip to Disneyland
with Ahnalin in October, 2005, with our 
good friends, the Leathleys.
It poured rain the whole time! 
Ahnalin was 15 months old then.

After we got in the in the car,
we took India back to her apartment
because she had class in the morning,
and we headed back to my cousin Marlyn's house.

On Thursday, we picked India up after her class and 
did a bunch of errands
and then I treated everyone to lunch 
at Watson's Pharmacy and Lunch Counter.


After Watson's,
we ran back to India's apartment to get her
things for the evening and clothes for the morning.
My parents went back to the hotel and 
the girls and I returned to Downtown Disney
to buy souvenirs and get some
yummy chocolate dipped Strawberries.

My parents retrieved 
Ahnalin so that India and I could
go to a movie by ourselves.
One of our traditions is that we see
live action fairytale movies together.
So we decided to see "Beastly".
We LOVED it!

 Did I mention that since I was on vacation, I did not
wear makeup? Yeah, not good 
for pictures, but oh well.

I loved our time together. 
I miss my girl so much, 
but she is growing up and making us 
so proud. 
The Disney College Program has been 
a challenge and blessing and 
adventure for my India.
And she loves it.

After the movie was over, India and I walked
back to the hotel and went to bed.

 Friday morning, we got to have breakfast
with her before dropping her off 
for her class. 
She got some last minute hugs
from Grandma and Grandpa.

And then it was time to take her to class and 
leave her. 
It was pouring down rain.

She ran into class, 
and then Grandma Barbara,
Grandpa John, Ahnalin and I got
back in the car to drive back to Sonoma County.

Ahnalin and I had missed Don so much!!
A week away from the Hot Rockin' Hubby is 
much too long!
We got him a Donald Duck hat
that says "This IS my happy face" 
and some other Donald Duck merch. 
And Ahnalin would not let him go 
for hours!
And once again, the pass
over the mountains was snowed in so
my parents got to stay the weekend with us.
It was a good Spring Break. 
Very good!

Thank you Mom and Dad for driving 
us down to So Cal. 
Thank you Jana and Marlyn for hosting us.
Thank you Don for letting us 
enjoy Spring Break with India while you
had to stay home and work.
And thank you to my India for allowing
us to hang out with you in Disneyland!

And to anyone reading this, 
thank you for hanging in there through
this very, very long post!

Now.......back to sewing for me!


Julia said...

What an amazing trip!!!!! I've really had you on my mind the last few days. Maybe I was just wishing you safe travels and didn't know it.

Tabitha O. said...

What a great vacation! Those girls of yours are amazing as is their mama.

Anonymous said...

Love Bug!!! We had a great time with you, the girls and the rest of the family we stayed with. Thank you for taking the pictures so we will all remember a great time together. Love you all from you mother and father.

All Things Beautiful said...

Oh what a wonderful trip. It has been forever since I have been to Disneyland. I loved seeing all the happy pics. That must be a pretty fun and interesting experience for India.

Dawn said...

Oh Sivje, you guys all look so happy and I know you loved being with your girls! I'm also sure India was glad to have her Mama for a few days!!! I so thrilled that you all had that time together...