Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ahnalin, Children's Choir And Lent

Sunday, at our church,
we were led in worship by the children.

They did a FABULOUS job!

Ahnalin was SO EXCITED because she adores
singing in the children's choir.

Her "most favoritest choir song"
is "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel".

She LOVE LOVE LOVEs this song!

So today is Ash Wednesday and 
she wanted to know the reason for the ashes.

So we talked about Lent and what it means.
I told her that some people willingly
give up something during lent to remind
them of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. 

Now this conversation took place
last night, after a pretty awful afternoon 
and evening. 
Her sensory stuff was totally out of control
and she had raged most of the day.

And because Don and I had rehearsal at church, 
it was past her bedtime and she was a total wreck. 

So, when she told me she wanted to 
give up something during lent, I had to laugh at her choice.

Ahnalin: Mama, I want to give up something for lent.

Me: Ok sweetie, what do you want to give up?

Ahnalin: Obeying the rules! I am so tired of them!

Me: But Ahnalin, it is Mama's job to train you up to
be a responsible and kind grown up.

Ahnalin: Nah. I want to break the rules and go to jail
so I can play the harmonica all day long!


However, she is so excited to be following
the Lenten calendar that she was given
at church. I suspect this will be a wonderful
season of learning for her as we 
focus on the last days of Jesus,
before He gave Himself up for us on the cross.


Julia said...

That sounds like a great thing to give up to me. It's definitely better than giving up bread, which is what I've decided to do. I know that God knows what a sacrifice that is for me.

Tikabelle said...

I think it's adorable that Ahnalin wants to give up rules for Lent! LOL! And I don't mean to nitpick, but I was always taught that Lent was in remembrance of the 40 days of fasting the Jesus did in the desert, which is why people tend to give up food.

Here's an interesting tidbit I learned from my Jewish friends: "40 days and 40 nights" is a literal translation for a Hebrew phrase that means "a long time." So it's *possible* that the Flood didn't last for exactly 40 days/nights, but for several weeks or even months. And that Jesus (or the Old Testament Jews) wasn't in the desert for 40 days/nights, but just for *awhile*. Funny how those idioms don't translate but get taken literally for centuries, huh?

U.N. Mama said...

Oh Sivje! As a fellow Mama to a "RADish", I understand!!! So funny :o) said...

That is so funny!...Loved her in the Laura Ingalls dress too. Really pretty!