Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fairy Catmother Dress...OR...She Needs A Haircut!

She has eyes under that fringe!


But she can't seem to make up her mind.

She has been telling me she wants to
grow out her bangs and have her
hair like Mommy and Dida.

But she refuses to wear clips or headbands
to keep her hair out of her face.

However today she finally told me 
she wants me to trim her bangs tonight.


And the dress,
the dress.....


Well, at least she is wearing it and
not complaining now!!
When she first saw the dress
the other day, 
she insisted it was a nightgown.

I can't say much for the weirdness of 
these pictures. 

Not one turned out well and
she was SO OVER posing when it started to rain.

The print is called "Fairy Catmother"
and it is a lovely soft cotton knit
that took me forever to find
when I finally bought it

And then I hoarded it for a super long time,
before Ahnalin was finally able to convince me to 
cut into it and sew it up.

I used an old Butterick pattern, Fast & Easy 3316,
and changed the back, removing the placket.
Then I shortened the sleeve, and removed
the seam allowances for the neckline,
hem and sleeve hems.

I finished the neckline and hems with Fold Over Elastic,
which is my favorite way to finish knits.
I also added a ruched ribbon to the front.

Finally, a decent photo of Ahnalin,
however I did not notice the drainpipe
in the background until I uploaded it!

And the picture of the fabric.......
I just noticed that she already got 
a little bit of chocolate on it!

But because it is actually, really raining now,
I am calling it good and being done with it!

Ey Yi Yi!

Can I say that it has been 
"one of THOSE weeks"???

Happy Sewing!


Sheila said...

Very sweet and I like that she has a choice of pink or green shoes to wear with it.

Ann Marie said...

She looks beautiful in the dress - I love the dress but I'm sure she must think it looks less "nightie" like with those adorable matching green shoes!

Kathya said...

i Love it!!!
i wish i knew how to sew knits.
BTW... where did you get her green shoes?
i love the style of them. very girly.

Tabitha said...

Ack I love the bashful bangs lol and she knows chocolate looks good on everything especially cute pink dresses lol

EverythingIveGot said...

Firstly, this post is a riot! Sometimes you'll be blog hopping and you'll come across (all too often) those "life is so dreamy and ever-so-perfect and notice? The pictures are too!" that it's discouraging!
This is real life and I love it! Those shoes? Are you kidding me?! They are FANTASTIC!!! And your little lady looks spectacular! And I'm pretty sure I was the one that sold you that fabric-- I'm just glad the choc. fairy wasn't something I *sent* LOL
Much love
Tonya (from SM)

Ellie Inspired said...

I love your posts too. They always make me smile. Ahnalin is adorable as always. And I am loving those green shoes too!! I want to know where you got them too. That knit dress looks great on her!