Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Old Cutting Board

Do you have one of these?

This is my old Dritz cardboard cutting board.

I have had this old thing
ever since I cut out my wedding dress
in 1988.

It is stained with coffee
and decorated with many years of
ink marks.

It is NOT "self healing" like
the rotary cutting mats that 
most people use now.

I have 2 of those. 

But they do not hold my,
or my children's, imagination.

Ahnalin drags this out constantly.

Today, it is her "Math Club".

She is teaching her animals Math.

I love the way her mind works.

I have to get back to finishing the Laura Ingalls dress
for Book Day tomorrow.

But I thought I would show you the little
love gift I sent to India
this week.

This is a rice bag I put together for my 
very own Disney Princess. 

Don drove down to see her on Sunday, 
to fix her computer, take her goodies,
and give our homesick girl
a whole bunch of hugs and daddy snuggles.

I only had a tiny bit of this fabric,
"Adventures in Wonderland" by 
Wyndham Fabrics,
but I would LOVE to find more!

That is all for now.
Back to sewing for me now!

Thank you all for your sweet comments
about Ahnalin's special bedroom.
We had so much fun putting it together.

Happy Sewing.


julia said...

Yep, I have one just like that!
Ahnalin is very imaginative. My grands have a castle that they made when visiting us once, made from a big, big box of some sort. I have saved it, and they play with it everytime they are here.
Sweet gift for your college girl!

mickey said...

I have had two Dritz boards over the course of my sewing years. The first didn't survive a Navy move; the second became a puppet stage when my kids wanted to do a puppet show and video tape it to send to their Dad when he was at sea. Good memories!

Ruth said...

I have the same cardboard cutting board. Same stains, same tears at the folds, same play toy to my kids....and we still use it at times. :)