Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not My Usual Client

 This is Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear belongs to my friend Peggy,
who is the Director of Children's Ministry
at our church.

He was very loved for many years
by her own children.

But tonight he will be auctioned off
to raise money for our church's high school
ministry mission trip to Mexico.

Mr. Bear needed some loving repairs
so he has been staying at our house this week.

I stitched up his needy areas and
made him this dapper new denim vest.

Ahnalin loves giraffes so I added 
a bit of giraffe print ribbon as a tag. 

Did I mention that Mr. Bear is 

Ahnalin does not want him to go.

We pray he raises lots of money 
so our church high schoolers 
can go share the love of Jesus
with orphans in Mexico.

And here is a little bit of Ahnalin's energy for you.

Happy Saturday and Happy Sewing!


Julia said...

We had a purple bear about that size for years! You did a great job on the vest. Hope he raises lots of $$$

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you put Ahnalin in the picture because when he was sitting in your orange chair it made it look like the chair was a baby chair-wrong!!! He is huge and get job on the vest and making Mr. Bear look great. Great pics and great job. Love from your mother!!

Bunny said...

Oh, My! He needs his own room!