Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahnalin as Laura Ingalls

Today is Favorite Book Character Day
at Ahnalin's school. 

Ahnalin absolutely adores 
she HAD to be Laura Ingalls!

Ahnalin had very strong opinions about
how this costume should look.

I had wanted to make her a new white
pinafore to go over her new dress,
but Ahnalin reminded me that
the Ingalls family was poor.
 So, her old "Alice in Wonderland"
apron that was too small, and 
a bit shabby, was just fine!

She also told me that her boots
looked too new!

She thought she should go get them 
dirty and scuffed so it would look
like she was playing in the prairie.

Well, I was not willing for that, 
since they just arrived from Ebay this week!

She wanted her dress
but I explained to her about
how they likely would have hemmed 
the dress with a Growth Tuck, so 
they could let the dress down to get more wear out of it.

In the end, she was happy with the length.

However, we went round and round
about the sunbonnet.

As of last night, she told me she 
was not going to wear one.

So, I did not finish the one I started.

But this morning, at 6:00 AM, 
the first words I heard were
"Mommy, where is my sunbonnet?"

I told her that I thought she did not want to
wear one, because she wanted her braids
to show. 

She told me that she really wanted one
after all.

So we went scrounging through all the old
dress up clothes and found the one
we bought India a decade ago 
at Silver Dollar City, in Branson, MO.

I lamented that the red hearts did not match
the pink dress, and she reminded me that
"Prairie girls were too poor to be all matchy-matchy!"

However, she dug through my ribbon stash
to find the perfect shade of pink ribbon
for her braids.

So, there she is!
And, I want to point out that
I actually have finally finished a dress
in this house!

The pattern was an old Vogue pattern 
and the fabric was some Mary Engelbreit
calico from my stash. 

Now, off to clean my house and make lasagna!
We are having our first dinner guest tonight!

Happy Sewing!


Korin Fowler-Hill said...

oh my goodness! so cute!!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh...this is just darling! I'm over the moon thrilled to see this outfit and feel the passion behind all you create. Beautiful!


goosiegirls said...

You mean to tell me that sweet little girl with those "wrap-you-around-my-finger" brown eyes has a mind of her own? :) She looks fabulous! You did an awesome job Mama!

Julia said...

What a cutie! It's great that she knows just what she wants! That may make it harder on you, but having opinions about stuff is a plus for a little lady!

Laura L. said...

She looks adorable. Great job on the dress and gathering the accessories too. I hope it was a happy, happy day at school for her.

Tabitha O. said...

What a perfect Laura!! Great job all around!

Jane Steen said...

I think this is my favorite post so far this year. Especially the closeup photo with the little tidewave of grime below her mouth... I remember those little girl days!

Cole's Corner said...

She looks darling. I love her costume and adore everything Little House on the Prairie, too.

hollym. said...

Darling! You amaze me with your sewing skills!

Ruth said...

Ahnalin is adorable as Laura Ingalls. Sooooo cute!!!

Amy said...

Love it! My daughter just told me this morning she wants to be Mary or Laura for her dress like a fav character day in a couple weeks. Was just perusing pinterst for inspiration and came to you blog.