Friday, January 21, 2011

Taking India To The Disney College Program-Part 3

Sunday night was supposed to be 
the first night for India to sleep 
in her apartment. 

I will be very honest and say that I was
dreading leaving here there.

So during the fireworks show at Disneyland,
I was thrilled when I received a text message
from her roommate.

She said that she was spending her last night
at her mom's hotel room.

I was NOT going to let India
sleep in her apartment alone! 

I mean, she is STILL my baby!

So, we took her back to Jana's to stay 
with us.

Monday, we went to Walmart
and stocked her up on healthy groceries.

You know.....carrots, apples, milk, cheese....
Mac and cheese, Cocoa Pebbles, 
Top Ramen, Chef Boyardee Ravioli, etc.

She is, after all, a college student!

We went back to her apartment
and unloaded her groceries.
I hugged her about a million times,
trying desperately not to cry. 

India needed to take a shower and get beautiful
for the Welcome Party.

Jana saw that I was having a hard time leaving.

So, she said 
"Time to rip the bandaid off, Mom!" 

It is going to hurt either way, 
so it is best to just say goodbye and go. 

So, we took a last picture, 
and India walked us out to the car. 

And we left. 

Ahnalin and I cried. 

We drove back to Jana's and
she treated us to a yummy dinner
of Mexican food.

She is experienced with having
a grown-up-on-her-own daughter,
so she helped me to calm down.

Then we went back to her house,
packed up and set alarms for our early wake-up.

We had to catch the Amtrak bus at 5:45
Tuesday morning,
so we would be able to catch the train in Bakersfield.

Ahnalin was pretty sleepy and very quiet,
for the first few hours.

Then she played Mahjong on my phone for awhile.

Then, she WOKE UP!!!

So, every time the bus or train stopped
at a new station,
I made her get out and

And RUN!

Capes are magical for running and flying!

After nearly 12 hours on buses and trains,
we arrived home in Santa Rosa.

Daddy picked us up at the station
took us out to dinner,
where Ahnalin fell asleep!

We got her home
and put her to bed
because the next morning,
she was to start her NEW SCHOOL!

I had asked her if she wanted me to make her a new dress
for her first day at her new school.

She said no.

She wanted to wear
the dress I made her for her first day of first grade.

We waited with her.

The bell rang.

And there she went!

She loves her new school.

And now,

I have to get used to a
new "normal".

Hopefully, I will get some sewing done now!

I have talked to India several times.

She is doing well and
loving the program.

She has been homesick and I have
been missing her so much.

If you have a prayer to spare,
please pray that God would
keep her healthy.

Pray that she would grow in grace
and wisdom.

Thank you so much.
Hopefully there will be sewing in my next post!


MommytoAJ said...

I can't even imagine how it feels - you guys have such a bond. She feels that even miles away. A great Godly upbringing and a warm loving family - she's a lucky girl who will go far.

Tabitha O. said...

Sniff what a wonderful pair of daughters you have....

Ruth Backer said...

I love your blog. Oh so sweet!!! I know two people who work at Disney!!!

Jan M said...

I so understand the bittersweet feelings. I have often said there are two images of my son's face forever etched in my mind: the first time I laid eyes on him in the Delivery Room, and standing on the sidewalk of his college campus as we drove away. I cried for hours, and the next days were harder than I ever imagined.
But, it does get better and easier for everyone! May all of India's dreams come true on this new journey. May you feel peace when you hear the joy in her voice as she calls home with each new and exciting adventure! Just be glad you have daughters. Sons are not that great at calling home!

Debby said...

It hurts like heck when your child goes off to college. It does get better, I promise.
So excited for her.
Prayers and (((((HUGS))))

Dawn said...

Sivje...I have been reading about India's going off to college and I can'r even begin to wrap my brain around that one. I know it will be here before i know it but right now it seems like a million years away before one of mine leaves our nest. My heart is breaking for you but I also know how much India wanted this and she is going to do GREAT!!! and with Ahnalin all settled in her new school and happy now you can have some time for yourself to get settled into your new home and start sewing up a storm! Plus, now you can find the time to call me so we can chat...hint hint...I don't have your new number so you need to call me!!!!

michelle said...

Ahhh...apartment?? What!?! I guess I haven't been keeping up!
Wow, bittersweet. Not anxious to let my oldest go. He'll be 17 next month and I think I cry once a week!


ange_moore said...

Wow - things have been happening for you guys!

And your friend Jana seems like a wise soul - rip that bandaid, best advice I've heard in a long time. And India is only a phonecall away and Disney College sounds like an amazing opportunity!