Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before I Get Back To Sewing Dresses and Aprons.......

Something HAS to be done about this!

I mean REALLY!!


Now, some have asked me why I do not just throw 
this chair away and get a NEW chair.

My parents have offered me some of their office chairs.

But I like THIS chair.

I custom ordered this chair when I was working as an interior
designer at a furniture store in Nevada City, while
waiting for Ahnalin to arrive.

It fits my body. 

And, as you can see, it has been my companion through many a
cup of coffee (yeah, I know it is really stained!)

So, I started by sewing up the torn cushion. 

The fabric is really, really worn.

But, since I am making a slipcover, 
you will not be able to see this.

Why am I making a slipcover instead of 
completely reupholstering it?

Well, I know I am going to be just as hard on 
it this time as I have been the past 6 years. 

And I prefer cotton fabrics, which tend to show dirt
and wear out quicker than nasty artificial fibers.

And once I make one slipcover,
I will likely make more as my mood changes.

For this first slipcover for this chair,
I pulled out some of my decorator fabric
from my stash.

As I am having to be very, very frugal,
and have a stash that may qualify me for "Hoarders",
I am choosing to use fabrics that have been 
my friends for several years. 

Yes, they are probably rather dated looking,
but I still love them. 

So, I cut the pieces for the slipcover
and decided to embroider my name
on the seat back.

Now......I have to make the piping and
sew the whole thing together.

More pictures to come tomorrow. 
I hope to have it done by then!


Barb said...

GREAT looking new slipcover. I love it. You are certainly talented wonderful daughter.

ange_moore said...

Gorgeous fabric - not dated at all! It'll look fabulous with red piping and will be absolutely motivating - you'll be an apron-making machine!!

Julia said...

I love your fabric choice!!!!

Tabitha O. said...

I LOVE THIS!!! So wonderful and perfect for you!

gail said...

Love the fabric , it looks so good on your chair. Being frugal is very satisfying.

Blessings Gail

Kimberlee said...

I love that fabric! Much better than the torn red stuff, LOL!