Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking India To The Disney College Program-Part 1

India is officially launched at the Disney College Program,
but I am dreadfully behind on this blog.

So, please forgive but, but I am going to back track a bit
and do a few posts on what we did the last few weeks
to get her ready to go. 

I have been missing doing any
actual sewing since we moved into our 
new house. 

But, I did manage to sneak in a few
towels to embroider for India.

And of course, they had to be "Alice Blue."

Preparing your chick to launch from the nest
involves lots of things that I did not 
think of until the last minute.

India LOVES carrots with a deep an abiding passion.
(Could it be all that time she spent with the White Rabbit
and the March Hare?)

So, I had to teach her how to make them the way I do.

They are just cooked in a bit of melted butter
and simmered in broth and 
salt and pepper. 
But they are a "home" food for India.

India's last night at home was spent
eating Chicken Green Chili Enchilada Casserole
and playing "Disney Scene It".
(I already miss seeing those green Converse high tops!)

On Friday morning, 
we got up at the crack of dawn and loaded the van.
Don drove us to the Jack London Station in Oakland 
to catch the Coast Starlight train.

We unloaded our suitcases to check in, 
only to find out that they were over weight.
So we had to lighten them and 
pack some of her things in boxes.
We were still way under the allowable limit of
3 checked items per person for the train.

Daddy took a quick picture of us
and then he had to leave for work.

Ahnalin took off running all over the train station
to "get her energies out" before
we boarded the train.

As soon as we got on the train,
I drove India crazy by asking her to check and make 
sure she had her various papers,
medical stuff, ID, etc. 
She put up with me and found it all to show me.
Yes, I am a crazy mama and she is probably
glad I am not there to ask her a million
times a day if she has her tester or if she checked her blood.

We got to have dinner in the dining car!!!!

Oh I LOVE to eat in the dining car of the train. 

And this was the first time for my girls. 

They LOVED it!

At nearly every station where the train stopped,
I made Ahnalin get out and run or climb a tree.

That girl was TIRED of being cooped up in that train!
We were on the train for 12 hours,
arriving at Los Angeles at nearly midnight.

My cousin Jana picked us up and drove us to
her house, 
and hosted us all weekend. 

Thank you Jana!!

On Saturday, we ran around and got 
some more things India needed for her

And then Saturday evening,
my cousins Tara and Marlyn, 
as well as Jana's kids Ryan and RJ,
came over and we had dinner together. 

Ahnalin pretended to be a puppy the whole evening,
along with Jana's puppy Eli and Tara's puppy Mischka.

Ryan is EVERY BIT as "epic" as India is!

After everyone left,
we got ready for bed,
checked addresses and maps,
and set alarms so we would be on time
to check India in to the program!

"Taking India To The Disney College Program- Part 2" coming up later today!


craftynana said...

Oh how exciting! My daughter is going to apply to the college program at Walt Disney World within the next week. I hope you will post more pictures about her adventure!

Debby said...

So excited. I think it's great that she is doing this.......I think I said before but I want to be the Fairy Godmother.

Cole's Corner said...

REALLY??? Disney college???
I want to go there.
I want to hear more about that.